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NoPixel GTA V FiveM Launcher

NoPixel GTA V FiveM Launcher

NoPixel is a very popular Grand Theft Auto role-playing server which is so popular infact, you need to fill out an application form and wait in a queue to even be accepted.

NoPixel GTA Server

The GTA V mod they use is called GTA RP and it’s a role-playing mod enabling players from all over the world to come together and roleplay on Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V online. Players can literally choose a role they want to play in the virtual GTA V world online from a Cop to a Criminal all the way to just an ordinary man going about life in a ‘normal’ kind of way.

This new way of playing Grand Theft Auto V online has captured millions of players attention around the world as lots of new RP servers (role-playing servers) are spawning every day. Once a part of the community you simply fire up the NoPixel launcher and enter into their server to play online.

A Step Further Than The Rest

The NoPixel community is way ahead of the game. It’s almost a “life-like simulation” in which the servers have a specific set of rules you must adhere to. These rules contain regulations like “not breaking character” or “acting salty” and in doing so, could result in punishment, as far as a complete ban and exclusion from other servers.

This role-playing fantasy is as serious as it gets, but it’s not as sinister as you may think. You can actually build yourself a good reputation in the NoPixel community and do well for yourself as a virtual player. Move up the ranks, build a business or career and earn yourself a nice little spot in GTA land.

To put it into perspective, if you’re looking for a server to mess about in and not take things serious, NoPixel is probably not for you. However, if you’re after building a career as a successful criminal leading a gang or a cop that bags more criminals than doughnuts, then it is definitely for you.

Joining NoPixel is no easy feat though, so don’t expect to be insta-verified and accepted, however there’s no point wasting any more time if you’re interested so joining up to NoPixel is the way forward.

The NoPixel Launcher

NoPixel Launcher

The NoPixel FiveM GTA Launcher enables you to download and install the correct MOD files to your Grand Theft Auto install location automatically. You will need this client-side modification files in order to join and play on the server. The launcher can also check for updates and download all the required updates needed, so no manual work from you as a user.

The NoPixel launcher boasts a news feed which keeps you up to date with information and a Play button where you can simply click the Play button and it will automatically send you to the GTA RP server.

If the server is currently full, you will be placed into a queue until a slot becomes available.

The launcher design is very nicely done, it doesn’t have too many fancy features. However, had they developed the NoPixel launcher with Game Launcher Creator V2, it can boast many, many other fancy features.

Which leads us onto our final note. If you have your own GTA V FiveM server, you can use Game Launcher Creator V2 to design and develop your very own custom server launchers. You can use images, videos, GIFs, text and buttons, all with no programming at all. You can simply drag n drop using the WYSIWYG editor and you can even include your own MOD updates for your own server, so your players will always be up to date with modifications.

We have lots of user tutorials available and a big Discord community to help out. Once you’ve built your launcher, you can simply distribute it to your players via your website, Dropbox, website forums… wherever. Your players can then download and install your launcher. When they run it, they will be able to instantly join your RP server by simply clicking the play button.

You can check out more about GLC V2 for FiveM here.

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