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Be the Creator. The Developer.

Design your own Custom DayZ Launchers and Mod Update Systems easily using Game Launcher Creator V3.

A user-friendly, Drag n Drop Windows App that lets you create custom buttons, images, animations, videos, scripts, discord and teamspeak.

Drag n Drop Builder
Using our intuitive real-time editor you can design your launcher exactly how you want!
Import Your Own Designs
Import your own designs from Photoshop, GIMP, Illustrator or any other application.
Template System
No design? Use our template system and library to design your custom launcher!
No Code Editor
No coding! We have logic built in, you just put it together to work how you want!
Event Actions
Specify an action or a series of actions for many things such as button clicks!
Built-in Update Systems
Multiple ways to update your games including a built-in patching system!
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The most popular DayZ Tool Available

Design and build professional-looking custom DayZ launchers to give to your community, friends and players to direct connect only to your DayZ servers.

move object editor

Drag n Drop Editor

Our intuitive ‘Drag n Drop’ builder software allows you to design and develop the exact game launcher you envision.

Minecrafters Custom Launcher Template

Launcher Templates

If you don’t have your own custom launcher design then you can use our pre-made templates and customize them to your needs.


No Coding

There are no programming requirements to our software. Simply drag, drop and configure settings for each object and events.

Skycraft Minecraft Game Launcher

Powerful PHP Queries

GET or POST to PHP scripts on a web server, web script or website. Send query vars and receive responses to use in your launcher.


Launchers built by our users

6000+ Users

Worldwide since 2018


Updates over 6 years


Years in Development

Supports ALL Server Versions

GLCV3 supports Community Servers.

Custom DayZ Launcher supports all official servers.

Also supports custom, private and dedicated servers.

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Direct Connect to your DayZ / Discord / Teamspeak Servers

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Configure your Discord so your players can connect straight to your server

With Game Launcher Creator V3 it is very easy to configure your TS3 server so players can connect.

Create buttons that will connect a player straight to your website or to download a file from a given URL in their browsers.

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Trusted by over


DayZ Users

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Update Mods and Client Files


Keep your players files up to date.

GLCV3 contains a built-in update system which you can configure to download your clientside mod files and any other files you may need your user to install to their computer in order to play on your DayZ server.

We have special video tutorials available for all GLCV3 users to access and watch.

These tutorial videos teach you step-by-step how to create your own update system for your DayZ Launcher.

We also have Discord support where thousands of our existing users and support staff are available to answer your questions and provide a helping hand where needed.

Editor Screenshots

This is a preview of the Editor application running at a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

Hover over an image to see a description and click on an image for a bigger preview.

Editor Videos

This is a preview of the Editor application running at a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

Navigate through the playlist on the right and select a video. Click the Fullscreen button on the video for a bigger preview.

User Designs Created

DayZ Support Right Here

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Video Tutorials

We have step-by-step video tutorials ready for you to watch to achieve your dreams with GLCV3 and your custom DayZ launcher.

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Discord Support

We have thousands of users inside our busy Discord server on-hand 247 to help you out, along with our online support team, moderators and developers.

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We have all of our documentation stored online so you can quickly access the help docs at any time to look something up really quick.

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Gamer Bundle


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A total of $40 savings with this current Gamer bundle. Expires soon.

GLCV3 – Gamer Edition $49.99 $29.99
+ Minecraft Plugin – $9.99 (FREE)
+ FiveM Plugin – $9.99 (FREE)

Hurry before normal price resumes – $69.99

Lifetime License. Prices are in USD.
12 months of software updates and priority support included.

Minimum System Specs

Our software is very lightweight. You don’t need a super computer to run it, not even a good one.

Here is the bare minimum you need to run our software…

Recommended System Specs

Got a decent computer? Even better. A higher resolution is perfect!

It’ll run beautifully anywhere even on good specs like this…

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Currently Used By

5,112 DayZ Gamers

Custom DayZ Launchers Made


Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked questions about our licensing

Yes. When you purchase any edition of GLCV3 you are purchasing a lifetime, single-user license to use the software.

Your license key entitles you to install and use the software forever.

When you purchase any edition of GLCV3 (except perpetual), you are granted 12 months of software updates and priority support in our Discord server for free.

You can choose to renew your subscription or cancel.

If you choose to renew, you will get a further 12 months of software updates and a further 12 months of priority support.

If you cancel, you can still use the software to edit and build your launchers, you just won’t receive any further software updates until you re-activate your subscription.

You will still receive support via email and the support website including the forums.

When you select an Edition of GLCV3 to purchase, you are purchasing a lifetime, single-user license.

This means you are purchasing the software with a license to use the software forever.

Included in your initial purchase is 12 months of software updates and priority Discord support for free.

When your initial 12 months is up, you can continue to subscribe and receive weekly/monthly software updates, including new features and maintain priority support.

If you choose not to renew your subscription, you will still have a license to continue using the software forever, you just won’t receive any updates or new features until you renew your subscription.

So you will always have access to the software to continue building launchers and editing your existing launchers no matter what.

No. Your license key is a single-user license key which means it must only be installed, activated and used by the person who purchased the license key.

You must not share your key with anyone else, including family, friends and colleagues.

Doing so, may result in your license key being suspended or terminated.

You must purchase a copy for each user in your team up to 3 users.

For teams of 4 or more users, please contact us and we can arrange a discounted team license.

Priority support is via our official Discord support server.

You will always have priority support for the first 12 months and after that, whilst your subscription is active for GLCV3.

Once your priority support has finished, you are still entitled to full support via our support website, forums and email.

Alternatively, you can upgrade to our VIP Support membership on Discord for 24/7/365 VIP support. This is instantly available as soon as you subscribe.

Yes, you can cancel, pause or resume your update and support subscription at any time.

You are under no obligation to keep it running.

However, we do strongly advise that you don’t cancel your first renewal until at least two weeks before the renewal date. Cancelling your subscription you have already paid for, may result in you not receiving your first 12 months of updates and/or support.

You will be sent an email from us two weeks prior to it renewing, to remind you.

Yes, you may upgrade at any time.

However, upgrades are not handled automatically via our store. You can start the upgrade process in the software (Help > Upgrade).

Downgrades are not possible.


General questions regarding GLCV3

No. The templates are there to get you going if you need a layout or design.

If you have your own launcher design, you can simply choose the blank template and build your own design in GLCV3.

Even if you do decide to use a template, you can still create your own design with it and mixing other assets.

Yes. As always we strive to bring as much content to you as possible.

We have hired a bunch of experienced and very talented designers who are creating templates all the time.

From Minecraft to FiveM, from Steam to Valheim and lots of custom development and generic templates.

Yes. You can create your own templates within GLCV3 and export them for others to use.

You can share these templates however you like.

You can share them with others, the community or even list it on our store to sell.

GLCV3 harnesses a lot of power as a base product. It has all the features you see advertised on the website.

However, we decided to open a whole new door and allow other developers to create plugins (or addons) that extend the power and possibilities of Game Launcher Creator.

We imagine the possibilities in the future will be endless.

Sure you can.

If you are experienced in C++, C#, Electron or Java, anything is possible.

If you wish to be able to develop a plugin, check out the Plugin Development section on our support site.


Some future features that we create may get integrated into the editions of GLCV3, or we may decide to list it as a plugin.

Either way, we will be developing many more features and exciting new objects looking to the future of GLCV3.

The Greatest Custom Game Launcher Tool Available

DayZ is a survival video game developed and published by Bohemia Interactive. It is an open-world game that places the player in a post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies. The game was initially a mod for ARMA 2, but due to its popularity, it was developed into a standalone game. It was released on Microsoft Windows via Steam in December 2013 and has been made available on other platforms like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One since then.

In DayZ, the player starts off on the coast of a fictional post-Soviet state called Chernarus, which is an 225 km² open world. The player starts with almost nothing and must scavenge the world for food, water, weapons, and medicine while avoiding or fighting zombies and other players. The objective of the game is to survive as long as possible, and the game does not have any set missions or objectives. Players can choose to work together or against each other, and interactions between players can be friendly or hostile. The game features both first-person and third-person views.

The multiplayer aspect of DayZ is one of its most significant features. The game can only be played in multiplayer mode, and the servers can host up to 60 players. Players can join public or private servers, and the private servers can be customized with different mods and settings by the server owner. This allows for a variety of gameplay experiences, from vanilla DayZ to heavily modded servers with custom vehicles, weapons, and buildings.

The multiplayer interactions in DayZ are complex and can lead to interesting and unpredictable scenarios. Players can choose to work together, forming groups or factions, and build bases to store gear and protect themselves from zombies and other players. Alternatively, players can choose to play as bandits, robbing and killing other players for their gear. Communication is a key aspect of the game, and players can communicate via text chat or voice chat.

The multiplayer nature of the game has led to the development of a strong online community, with players forming groups and factions, and organizing events and raids on other groups’ bases. This has led to the development of a meta-game, with politics, alliances, and betrayals playing a significant role in the experience of playing DayZ.

With Game Launcher Creator, you can create a launcher specific to your DayZ community by integrating features that are important to DayZ players. For example, you can include server selection and management features, mod management, and community features like forums, chat, and event calendars. You can also include tools for group and faction management, base building and raid planning, and other features that are specific to the DayZ community. Additionally, you can also include features for streaming and content creation, as many DayZ players like to stream their gameplay or create content for platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

Compatible with Other Games too



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GTA V - FiveM

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Garry's Mod

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And Many, Many More...

Virtually Any Game Supported

Game Launcher Creator V3 (GLCV3) is able to launch into any game that is featured on Steam or has an Executable file (.exe) or a Custom URI (uri://)

Game Launcher Creator V3 virtually supports over 100,000 games for PC, Steam and Origin.

ByteBox Media and Game Launcher Creator V3 are in no way affiliated with any of the game development companies or publisher for any games, including but not limited to Rockstar North Valve, Mojang and Microsoft.

Whilst we cannot guarantee compatibility for every single game, we make sure we only advertise compatible games that users are currently building launchers for.

We do have user’s that use our software to build launchers for even the least popular of games such as Richard Burns Rally.

Basically, if it has an executable, batch file or custom URI to run it, we support it.

If you are unsure whether a particular game is supported or not, simply drop us an email.

ByteBox Media nor Game Launcher Creator has no affiliation, endorsement or partnership with Bohemia Interactive.

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Copyright © 2023 ByteBox Media Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Registered in England.

Copyright © 2023 ByteBox Media Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
Registered in England.