Advanced Online Patching System

Patching Game (90%)
Downloading File (56%)

What is AOPS?

AOPS (Advanced Online Patching System) is a highly developed, professional patching system built into Game Launcher Creator V2. It’s very simple to setup and you can update your game development and push out the update by just uploading a trigger file and the directory.

AOPS works by allowing you to scan your game directory, it will store a checksum for each file. You then upload the scan file, which contains a listing of the files, upload your game directory structure to your webserver and then attach the patch configuration file to your game launcher.

Your users can then check at any time if there is an update available, GLC will download the list file and compare each of their files (checksums) against your latest available on your webserver. If any differ, it will download and patch the files.

Who is AOPS for?

AOPS is for Game Developers. Whether Indie or Professional, AOPS is and does exactly what it says on the tin. It allows you to give real-time patching (or auto-patching) to your users installs without them having to download the entire package everytime.

By comparing checksums, GLC will be able to tell if a file needs patching, or a new file is available that needs installing and will handle the entire process for you.

Advanced Online Patching System Configuration

How do I get AOPS?

AOPS comes as part of Game Launcher Creator V2. You have two options for your game launcher with regards to a patching system. You can either select the standard update check, which allows for simple version number checking. downloading and installer if an update is available and install it. Post-install of the update, it is up to you to update any local version numbers.

Or you can choose the AOPS system which will allow you to retrieve a users install location, download and patch files to that specific location, perform patching and then update the local versioning whether it’s via a text file, an INI file or the registry.

How advanced is AOPS?

AOPS is a very advanced patching system to ship with your game launchers. Not only will it save you bandwidth, it will also save you the headache of constantly updating registry entries, INI files or text files for versioning.

It’s real-time, it’s fast, it’s efficient and it’s very professional. To code a system like AOPS would take hundreds of hours and thousands of lines of code. We’ve saved you that job by combining it into Game Launcher Creator V2.

Get GLC V2 today to access AOPS and a lot more advanced game launcher tools and design tools from ByteBox Media.

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