Objects - All Editions

Game Launcher Creator V3 comes in three editions which are feature-rich for creating custom launchers. You can see the Edition-Exclusive objects further down.

But as standard, all editions come with all of these objects.

icons8 button 100

Image Buttons

Import your own images to use for buttons. There are three states; Normal, Hover and Click.

You can even include sound effects on Hover and Click.

icons8 text 96

Text Buttons

Create your own native text buttons directly inside your launcher.

Customize fonts, sizes, colors, positioning and size of the button flawlessly.

icons8 image 96


Import your own images of all formats, sizes and shapes.

With support for PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF and full transparency support.

icons8 text width 96

Text Strings

Create multi-line text strings.

With support for left, center and right alignment. Customize the fonts, sizes and colors.

Support for variables.

icons8 source code 96

Query Strings

Powerful Query Strings allow you to interact with server-side scripts and receive responses.

One of the most powerful objects in your arsenal for launcher development.

icons8 star

Animated GIFs

With support for animated and static GIFs, including index and alpha transparency.

You can even choose to play once or loop continously.

icons8 video 96


Full support for AVI, MP4 and WMV files.

Position, size, resize and integrate videos however you want in real-time inside the editor.

icons8 internet 96


Integrate basic HTML / CSS websites or web pages directly inside your game launcher.

Useful for changelog pages or an image carousel page.

icons8 insert raster image 96

Cloud Image

Store your images on the cloud.!

Having the ability to store your images on your server means you can update them in real-time.

icons8 sending video frames 96

Cloud Video

Stream WMV videos directly from your web server to your launcher on user’s desktops.

You can even update the video at any time.

Objects - Indie and Developer

icons8 rename 96

Input Boxes

Create textboxes (input boxes) so your users can input data to be either saved or used in variables.

Completely customizable including the textbox, position size, fonts and colors.

icons8 loading bar 96

Progress Bars

Progress Bars are crucial in showing your users the progress of whatever it is you’re doing.

Inside your launcher you can position and size progress bars and even link them to activities like updating.

icons8 exe 96

EXE Icon Changer

Want to have complete control over the output of your finished game launcher?

Having the ability to use a custom Icon File for your executable says you mean business.

icons8 discord 96

Discord Rich-Presence

If you’re serious about your Discord server, your game and/or your launcher then you’re in luck with the Discord DRPC object.

Seamlessly integrate your launcher with Discord.

Plugins - Addons

icons8 steam 96


Call and execute Steam games or connect directly to your Steam server with just a few clicks.

Easy to setup, easy to use.

icons8 fivem 96

GTA V - FiveM

Connect directly to your FiveM servers.

This popular third party plugin allows one-click connect to your servers.

icons8 minecraft 96


Setup and customize your Minecraft server so your players can launch directly into your MC servers.

Easy to setup and use.

icons8 website 96


Integrate the latest technologies directly inside your launcher with the WebKit+ object. With support for HTML5/CSS3 and the likes of WordPress.

icons8 encrypt 96

Data Encryption

Encrypt and protect your data from your data project file.

This plugin comes with Developer Edition for free.

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