Interaction - Logic

Who needs programming? Nobody. GLCV3 sports an integrated logical, event action system.

Simply put, you can make things happen and wait for events to happen and perform actions. This makes your launcher interactive and you are in complete control.

Here are a few examples and you can do so much more than this.

icons8 update 1

Activate Patching

Activate the patching system wherever you see fit. Compare the versions at the start and if a patch is required, launch it.

Or you can trigger by the user clicking an update button.

icons8 error

Detect Errors

Detect errors such as an error with the patching system and decide what you want to do with that.

You can create your own error pages, retrigger an update with special command lines and so much more.

icons8 download from the cloud 1

Trigger a Download

There are many events scattered throughout the launcher runtime where you can trigger the download of a file.

This is useful for creating your own update pages.

icons8 clapperboard

Create a Video Intro

Easily drop a video into your game launcher’s first page and let it play as an intro video.

Simply use the event ‘End of Video’ to then transition the user into the launcher itself afterwards.

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