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Game Launcher Creator V3

Design a custom Counter-Strike launcher for your CS server

A user-friendly Drag ‘n Drop Windows App that lets you create custom buttons, images, animations, videos, scripts, discord and teamspeak.

Counter-Strike Custom Launcher

The most popular Counter-Strike tool available today

Design and Build a professional looking customer launcher to give your community, friends and players to direct connect only to your CS servers.

Drag n Drop Editor

Game Launcher Creator V3 is a full Windows editing software application.

It is a real-time editor allowing you to insert objects, move them, resize them and layer them to create your very own custom Counter-Strike launcher designs!

Launcher Templates

GLCV3 comes packed with lots of templates for you to use and modify to create your own custom game launchers.

If you have an art team or have your own design, you can import that in to use for your own unique CS launcher design!

No Coding

You don’t need to have any programming experience at all with Game Launcher Creator.

Our software will let you design and configure your own custom launchers with no programming at all!

Built-in Updater

Update your custom CS launcher in real-time using the built-in update system.

It allows you to keep your players launcher up to date with the latest design and you can also install the latest clientside mod files.


Build the launcher of your dreams then give it to your community and friends to use by distributing it however you want.

You can create an installer for your finished CS launcher or you could simply ZIP it all up and send it to them!


Our Software Editor and your finished launcher are compatible with Windows and all graphics cards are supported including laptops.

Our software and launcher runtime files are very lightweight to run.

Counter-Strike User reviews

We have over 5,000 users of our software! Don’t just take our word for it…

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I've been using Game Launcher Creator for about 3 years and I must say it's one of the easiest development tools I've ever used. It has lots of templates, documentation and tutorials. The staff are really helpful in Discord too. Highly recommend!
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I use Game Launcher Creator in conjunction with Photoshop to create my own unique designs. Easy to import the design, buttons etc. and the developer options are endless. Saved me months of coding!
Elite Gamer
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I've been using GLC since V2 and now I'm using V3. It's a powerful software you won't find anywhere else and the features are immense for building custom launchers for my online communities.

Supports Counter-Strike

In conjunction with Battlemetrics, with GLCV3 and a bit of PHP, you can create your own custom scripts to display real-time server information inside your CS launchers.

This means you can display how many people are playing, which servers are online and offline and much, much more!

CS GO Custom Launcher

Direct connect to your Counter-strike / Discord / Teamspeak servers!

Configure other Apps Too

Configure your Discord so your players can connect straight to your server

With Game Launcher Creator V3 it is very easy to configure your TS3 server so players can connect.

Create buttons that will connect a player straight to your website or to download a file from a given URL in their browsers.

Create as many pages as you like inside your launcher so you have different ‘scenes’ that the user can go to.

Update your launcher real-time

Built-in Update System

GLCV3 contains a built-in update system which you can configure to download your clientside mod files and any other files you may need to install to the user’s computer.

We have special video tutorials available for all GLCV3 to access and watch. Teaching you step-by-step how to create your own update system for Counter-Strike.

Counter-Strike support right here

Video Tutorials

We have step-by-step video tutorials ready for you to watch to achieve your dreams with GLCV3 and your custom CS launcher.

Discord Support

We have thousands of users inside our busy Discord server on-hand 247 to help you out, along with our online support team, moderators and developers.


We have all of our documentation stored online so you can quickly access the help docs at any time to look something up really quick.

Design your own Custom Counter-Strike Launcher Now

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can use our built-in updating system to update any clientside mods on your players computer.

We have tutorials available for this in our documentation section and inside our Discord server. We also have support staff and other users in our Discord to help if you need it.

Game Launcher Creator was first released in February 2018. It has seen over 180+ updates since then.

You can make unlimited launchers with GLCV3 for unlimited games.

There are no restrictions on the amount of launchers you can build and edit. It is a lifetime license.

The only thing we do ask is, you only use GLCV3 for your own CS servers and custom launchers. Commercial reselling is not permitted unless you use the Developer edition.

When you purchase GLCV3, you purchase a lifetime, single-user license. This means you get to use the software forever.

Everything advertised on this page is achievable with the lifetime license.

You will receive 12 months of free software updates and priority Discord support with your purchase.

We currently accept PayPal and Stripe (Debit/Credit Card).

However, we can accept Bancontact, GiroPay, iDEAL, p24 and Sofort.

If you wish to pay with these additional methods, you will need to email us here.

Absolutely! We have support staff online 24/7. You can contact us through email or join us in the Discord server.

You also get access to our online documentation and our private message forums.

Yes. You are not limited to one game with GLCV3. You can build launchers from any supported games such as GTA V, Minecraft, Rust, Valheim, Counter-Strike, Steam Games and even your own games!

As long as it has an executable (.exe file) or a batch (.bat file) or a custom URI (ie: steam:// or fivem://) then it can be launched.

You can even launch web games where it takes the user to the direct URL of the HTML5 game to be run.

The greatest custom game launcher tool available!

Also compatible with other games

Create and Design Custom Game Launchers for many other games too with GLCV3.

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