Game Launcher Creator V3 is a Windows editor software application. The base application contains features across all versions, such as the Live Drag n Drop Editor, the standard objects, unlimited pages and plugin support. The ability to build and edit your launchers at any time.

Please see our feature list to see which features come with which edition of GLCV3.

GLCV3 is a professional software with many features. We understand some of you may become slightly overwhelmed as to what Edition you may need. We encourage everyone to ask inside our Discord server or email us directly if you have any questions or need guidance. You can also contact us via the live chat button at the bottom of your screen.

Drag n Drop Editor

A complete Drag n Drop Windows Editor

Standard Objects

All the standard objects by default like buttons, images, videos etc.

Event Actions

How many actions per event or button click?

Launcher Pages

How many pages inside your custom launcher

Plugin Support

Support for official and third-party plugins

Sound Effects

Define your own custom hover and click SFX

Cloud Content

Store your launcher images and videos in the Cloud

Custom Cursors

Choose to show custom cursors in your launchers

Query Strings

Query online scripts and text files and show the response

Built-in Updater

The basic, built in game update system

Gamepad Support

Make your launchers compatible with Gamepads

INI File Support

Load and save data to a local INI from your launcher

Query String Parameters

Send dynamic parameters (query vars) to your query strings

Custom EXE Icon

Create or import your own launcher executable icon


Update a real-time news ticker in your launcher from your server

Toast Notifications

Send toast notifications to your users running your launcher

Patch System

Configure and setup a built-in file patching system for your game(s)

Patch File Compression

Compress your game patch files by up to 99%

Patch Command Line Switches

Send CL arguments to the patch system for a wide array of advanced options

Dynamic and Custom Variables

Create and use dynamic variables for use in your custom game launcher

Advanced Images

GET a PHP query or PING a server and set an image based on the response

Textbox Objects

Customize input texboxes inside your launchers

Data File Encryption

Customize input texboxes inside your launchers

Commercial Reseller License

The ability to create and resell launchers for other people/companies

Instant Access - Download

Instant access after payment to the download and your license keys.

Priority Support

Priority Support in our Discord support server

Lifetime License

A license to use the software to build and edit your launchers, FOREVER!