Drag n Drop Builder / Editor

Game Launcher Creator V3 is a Windows Desktop Application.

The editor application is a fullscreen desktop editing suite, allowing you to focus solely on designing and developing your custom game launcher.

The workspace has been designed so that you are familiar with the layout, with an easy to navigate menu system, an object tool panel and a pages panel for quick creation and editing of pages and objects.

The launcher editing window is a real-time preview of what your custom launcher will look like, so there’s no programming and no guessing involved.

However you design it inside the editor is exactly how it will appear when you have built it.

Click on the Hotspots below to tour the workspace…

glcv3 editor window

Object Panel: A list of all available objects you can use inside your launcher.

Toolbar: Quickly and easily access everything you need here including layers and your object list.

Status Bar: Updated status points like positioning, grid size, layout and license information.

Real-Time Editor: Here is where you can move, drag, drop, resize, layer, lock and edit your custom game launcher. This is all done in real-time.

Move Objects

Literally click and move all your objects with ease including a grid-based system or you can use pixel-perfect precision.

Resize Objects

Simply select an object and click to resize it. You can resize it by the width, the height or both at the same time using the resize handles.

Duplicate Objects

GLCV3 makes it super easy to clone or duplicate objects retaining their settings for quicker designs of your custom launchers.

Access Object Settings

GET or POST to PHP scripts on a web server, web script or website. Send query vars and receive responses to use in your launcher.

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