Feature-Packed Software

Game Launcher Creator V3 is a Windows editor application. The base application contains features across all editions, such as the Live Drag n Drop Editor, the standard objects, unlimited pages and plugin support. The ability to build and edit your launchers at any time.

Please see our feature comparison list to see which features come with which edition of GLCV3.

GLCV3 is a professional software with many features. We understand some of you may become slightly overwhelmed as to what Edition you may need. We encourage everyone to ask inside our Discord server or email us directly if you have any questions or need guidance. You can also contact us via the live chat button at the bottom of your screen.

This list here is the full feature list of Game Launcher Creator V3 including which Edition supports what features.

Features as Standard

icons8 drag and drop 96

Drag n Drop Editor

Our intuitive ‘Drag n Drop’ builder software allows you to design and develop the exact game launcher you envision.

icons8 objects 96

Available Objects

There are many objects available as standard with all editions of GLCV3 and extend to more with plugins that are available to download.

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GLCV3 comes packed with lots of templates for you to use and modify to create your own custom game launchers.

icons8 source code 96 1

No Coding

Our software allows you to design and configure your own custom, professional game launchers with no programming at all!

icons8 click

Event Actions

GLCV3 allows you to specify an action or a sequence of actions for many events like button clicks.

icons8 pages 96

Launcher Pages

Create new, edit existing and delete pages with ease. You can even link pages together using events.

icons8 sound

Sound Effects

Specify your own, custom sound effects throughout your game launcher like mouse hover and clicks.

icons8 update

Built-in Update System

A basic, built-in game update system is available for all editions. Allow your user to download the latest installer.

icons8 download from the cloud

Cloud Content

Store your launcher images and videos on your web server and update them in real-time.

icons8 cursor

Custom Cursors

Choose to display a different cursor for some events inside your game launcher like mouse hovers.

icons8 php 96

PHP Query Strings

Powerful query strings inside your launcher allow communication between launcher and scripts online.

icons8 plugin 96

Plugin Support

Expand the power of your creativity with access to official and third party plugins to enhance your launchers.

icons8 picture in picture 96

Draggable Window Hotspot

Define a custom area where you want to allow your user to be able to drag the launcher window (or use none).

icons8 version 96


Configure different ways to support versioning in your launcher from text files to the user’s registry.

icons8 language 96

Language (Unicode) Support

The editor has support for many languages and both the editor and launcher runtimes support Unicode.

logo 256 whitebg 1

Distribute Your Launcher

With just a few clicks you can build and compile your finished launcher to distribute to anyone.

icons8 language 96 1

30+ Languages Supported

Our Editor Software supports all major languages translations from English to Russian, from Spanish to French from Chinese to Arabic.

icons8 windows 48

Designed for Windows™

Game Launcher Creator V3 is a native Windows desktop application.

It is fully compatible with Windows 10™ and Windows 11™.

Other versions of Windows maybe compatible but we only officially support Windows 10 and 11.

Indie Edition

icons8 exe 96

Indie Edition

Custom EXE Icon

Change the default icon for your game launcher executable file which shows in Windows.

icons8 headline 48

Indie Edition


Configure a static or real-time newsticker to scroll the latest news and information in your launcher.

icons8 hint 48

Indie Edition

Toast Notifications

Design and send Toast Notifications direct to the user’s desktop based off events / triggers inside your launcher.

icons8 update 1

Indie Edition

Patch System

Enable file-by-file patching and keep your users game files up to date at all times with just a few clicks.

icons8 game controller 48

Indie Edition

Gamepad Support

Allow your users to navigate and interact with your launcher using a gamepad.

Developer Edition

icons8 variable 48

Dev Edition

Query String Parameters

Send unique and custom query vars alongside your online query strings to a script online.

icons8 add image 48

Dev Edition

Advanced Images

Display images instead of textual responses from online query strings and scripts.

icons8 google forms new logo 48

Dev Edition

INI Support

Allow your users to load, edit and/or save data to and from an INI file with customized text boxes.

icons8 merge horizontal 96

Dev Edition

Patch Compression

Squash your game patches by up to 95%, making patching even faster and saving bandwidth!

icons8 toggle

Dev Edition

Patch System Switches

Send special configuration command line arguments to your patching system for super patching setups.

icons8 code fork 48

Dev Edition

Global Events

Access lots of special events and triggers inside your game launcher to create custom logic and actions.

icons8 space after paragraph 48

Dev Edition

Dynamic Variables

Get a range of dynamic variables from inside the launcher to use inside your text strings or query strings.

icons8 space before paragraph 48

Dev Edition

Custom Variables

Create your own Custom Variables based off user input or loaded data to use dynamically in your launcher.

icons8 discord 96

Dev Edition

Discord DRPC

Rich-Presence for Discord allows many ways to integrate your launcher into Discord itself.

icons8 rename 96

Dev Edition

Text Box Objects

Create regular and password-style text boxes, which can even load and save data and be used as variables.

icons8 encrypt 96

Dev Edition

Data Encryption

Protect your data project file and information with built-in encryption to keep prying eyes away.

icons8 money

Dev Edition

Reseller License

The Developer Edition license of GLCV3 gives you the ability to design, create and resell custom launchers.

Plugins and Addons

We have some official and some third-party plugins available. These have been developed either by us, or third-party developers.

These are available to download or purchase from our Store.

If you are a keen developer yourself, you can build your own plugins using our SDK for private or commercial use.

icons8 minecraft 96


Minecraft Launcher Plugin

Create your own custom Minecraft launchers compatible with all server versions of Minecraft.

icons8 fivem 96


FiveM Launcher Plugin

Create your own custom FiveM launchers that will connect your players directly to your FiveM server.

icons8 encrypt 96


Data Encryption

Protect your data project file and information with built-in encryption to keep prying eyes away.

icons8 website 96


WebKit+ Plugin

Showcase your feature-rich website or web pages with support for HTML5, CSS3, WordPress and more.

icons8 api 64

In Development

API Plugin

Communicate with online APIs or your own login/membership system to create feature-rich launchers.

icons8 patreon 48

In Development

Patreon Plugin

Connect your launcher and your users to Patreon and grant access based on membership level.

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