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Game Launcher Creator V3

Design your own Custom Launchers and patching Systems for Clickteam Fusion Developed games and Apps using Game Launcher Creator V3.

There’s never been an easier way to design and develop your own professional custom game launcher for any Fusion developed game or application than GLCV3.

Custom Launcher for Unreal Game

The only standalone Clickteam Fusion Launcher Software

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Drag n Drop Editor

Game Launcher Creator V3 is a full Windows editing software application.

It is a real-time editor allowing you to insert objects, move them, resize them and layer them to create your very own custom game launcher designs!

Launcher Templates

GLCV3 comes packed with lots of templates for you to use and modify to create your own custom game launchers.

If you have an art team or have your own design, you can import that in to use for your own unique game launcher design!

No Coding

You don’t need to have any programming experience at all with Game Launcher Creator.

Our software will let you design and configure your own custom launchers with no programming at all!

Built-in Updater

Update your custom game launcher and game files in real-time using the built-in patching system.

It allows you to keep your players launcher up to date with the latest design and you can also install the latest game files.


Build the launcher of your dreams then give it to your community and friends to use by distributing it however you want.

You can create an installer for your finished game launcher or you could simply ZIP it all up and send it to them!


Our Software Editor and your finished launcher are compatible with Windows and all graphics cards are supported including laptops.

Our software and launcher runtime files are very lightweight to run.

Advanced Features

The Developer Edition of Game Launcher Creator V3 is targeted at Developers and Development teams.

It features more advanced features, should you want them, such as conditional logic and event actions.

Easy but professional

Game Launcher Creator V3 has been in development for over 5 years.

The software was developed to save you months of coding a custom game launcher.

You’ve spent months maybe years on your game development, why spend even longer and more money developing a launcher and update system?

RPG Custom Game Launcher
Unreal Engine Custom Launcher

Your own Fusion Launcher Development

Save yourself months of programming a custom game launcher and patching system by using Game Launcher Creator V3 (GLCV3).

Our software was specifically created for developers using Clickteam Fusion. With many professional features, completely customizable and whitelabel (no branding).

You will be designing and developing your own custom launchers within minutes!

Pre-Built Templates

Choose one of our pre-made templates to get you started in designing your own custom game launchers. We have a big collection of templates, buttons and library images to get you started!

Photoshop Compatible

Design your own launcher in Adobe™ Photoshop, Fireworks Illustrator, GIMP or any other graphics application then export your design pieces (objects / layers) and import them directly into Game Launcher Creator V3!

Images, GIFs and Video

Import images and button images from a wide-array of formats supported such as BMP, JPG, PNG (with alpha transparency). You can also import static or animated GIFs. Let’s not forget you can use local video files or stream Cloud videos from your webserver directly into your game launcher window.

Unreal Engine Custom Launcherlauncher layout 3

Drag 'n Drop Editor

Our launcher editor software GLCV3, comes complete with a real-time drag ‘n drop editing system.

You can select an object from the object palette and insert a new object at any time straight into your game launcher.

You can then simply move, resize and configure the settings for that particular object.

What you see in the editor window is exactly how your launcher will look when built.

Intuitive Design System

Our intuitive editor allows you to visually design your custom game launcher in real-time.

Simply drag and drop components into the window and move them, size them and layer them to achieve the desired look you want.

We really did create an editor that allows pixel-perfect movement and sizing, allowing you to rapidly design your launcher exactly how you want it to look.

Advanced Patching System

GLCV3 features an advanced patching system built into your launchers which you can setup and configure in no time!

You can use the basic patching setup but if you need more advanced features, there are many developer options available.

patcher 1

Super-Fast Patching

Game Launcher Creator V3’s patching system is capable of scanning over 1000 files per second!

It can check the integrity of each file and download any updates that need applying.

Nobody else can beat our speed of patching!

Unique Checksums

GLCV3 uses the filesize and file time modification stamp along with your own unique hash salt to compare the checksums to your game files.

By using your own unique salt, nobody else could ever replicate or modify your patching system.

Design your own look

You can literally design your patching system in the exact same system you use to design your launcher pages!

Simply drag and drop progress bars, text strings, images, buttons and videos just like you normally would to create that custom design!

Powerful Queries

Game Launcher Creator V3 features a powerful online query system.

They are called Query Strings and they allow you to send and retrieve data to a PHP file or a URL. You can send static or dynamic queries to a database and retrieve the information back.

It’s a very powerful system and allows for many possibilities.

The most advanced query Strings

GLCV3 features the fastest and most advanced query strings to date.

Perfect for keen developers, you can ping a simple query script online or you can perform more complex actions such as sending parameters, using image placeholders (instead of text), set refresh intervals and even use buttons for query sending.

Full PHP Support

Simply ping a script online and let it return some data or send some data to your server and let it return data.

Data Return Values

Brand new Data Return Values let you specify what to do with particular data that is return from a script.

Launcher Login

Launcher login is completely possible with GLCV3 and you can do stuff with user data returned from the logged in user.

System and Custom Variables

GLCV3 has a very powerful internal variable system which allows you to specify local and remote variables anywhere in your launcher.

Display information such as Local and Remote Version numbers, usernames, system variable information such as paths, directories and much more!

System Variables

Pretty much any values/strings used inside your launcher can be used in a dynamic text string by simply including the variable.

Display Versioning

You can use variables such as version information by simply using %LOCALVERSION% and %REMOTEVERSION% in your text strings.

Instant Parsing

GLCV3’s super-fast runtime means all variables are parsed at the speed of light so no matter where you use them, they’re instantly displayed.

Plugins and Addons

Game Launcher Creator V3 is a powerful software with many base features as you can see above.

However, the power of GLCV3 can only get better in time as more plugins and addons become available. Occasionally, we may develop and release new plugins for new features and third party developers can also. This increases the power and flexibility of what you can achieve with GLCV3.

All the available plugins are listed on our online store ready to purchase and instantly download.


New plugins and addons are being developed and released all the time by us and third party developers.

New Features

All year round we are developing new features, plugins and addons to integrate into the Editions of GLCV3.

Develop your own plugins

Develop your own plugins and addons with GLCV3 if you have experience with C++, C#, PHP/ASP or Java.

Our Stats

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Years Development

Game Launcher Creator has been pro-actively developed and built upon for over 5 years.

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Delivering regular software updates, new features and bug fixes to our users.

2500 +


Over 5,000 users have downloaded and use our software since 2018.

6000 +

Launchers Built

Collectively, our users have designed and built over 12,000 game launchers to date.

The Number one choice for Fusion Game Launcher Development

Game Launcher Creator is the number one choice for developers and development teams worldwide.

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System Specs

Game Launcher Creator V3 (GLCV3) is a very lightweight application that will run on majority of desktops and laptops with no issues at all. It uses DirectX9 runtimes for complete compatbility.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a software development company that has been in existence since 2009.

We have designed and developed many private client projects and we have developed our own commercial software since 2015.

We have worked on many software and game titles including Five Nights at Freddy's and AVGN.

We are a global company, we have headquarters in the UK (Manchester) and the USA (Montana).

Game Launcher Creator was first released in February 2018. It has seen over 180+ updates since then.

You are buying a single-user license. This means the only user permitted to use the license is the one who purchased it.

Teams of up to 3 must purchase individual single-user licenses.

If you are a team of 4 or more, we can offer a discounted team price. Please contact us.

Yes. With this special Developer edition of GLCV3, there are multiple ways you can do this.

You can do this via the built-in update system, our built-in patching system (AOPS2) or you can devise your own update system inside GLCV3.

Yes, we do.

With the GLCV3 update systems, you can use your own web hosting, VPS or dedicated servers.

However, if you don't want to deal with the technicalities of that, we can provide you with super-fast, highly-optimized patch servers.

You can view them here.

You can make unlimited launchers with GLCV3 for unlimited games.

There are no restrictions on the amount of launchers you can build and edit. It is a lifetime license.

You can even use GLCV3 Developer edition to create game launchers commercially!

When you purchase GLCV3, you purchase a lifetime, single-user license. This means you get to use the software forever.

Everything advertised on this page is achievable with the lifetime license.

You will receive 12 months of free software updates and priority Discord support with your purchase.

We currently accept PayPal and Stripe (Debit/Credit Card).

However, we can accept Bancontact, GiroPay, iDEAL, p24 and Sofort.

If you wish to pay with these additional methods, you will need to email us here.

Absolutely! We have support staff online 24/7. You can contact us through email or join us in the Discord server.

You also get access to our online documentation and our private message forums.

Yes. You are not limited to Unreal Engine. GLCV3 works flawlessly with other game engines too like Unity, Fusion, Construct, Game Maker etc.

The greatest custom game launcher tool available!

Also compatible with other game engines

Create and Design Custom Game Launchers for many other game engines too with GLCV3.

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