Build your own Dynamic Game Launchers...No Programming Required!

Build Your Own Game Launchers

  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • No Programming Required
  • Built-in Updater
  • Integrated Template System
  • Royalty-Free Distribution
  • Cloud-Based Images (Dynamic)
  • Serverside Queries (PHP)
  • Web Page Feeds
  • Interactive Content
  • Windows Supported (XP through 10)

Royalty-Free Distribution

Never pay a single royalty on the game launchers you design and distribute!

Game Engine Compatibility

Game Launcher Creator is compatible with any game engine that outputs Windows Executables, Local HTML Files or a Standalone Player!

Integrated Template System

Game Launcher Creator comes with a series of templates for your to choose from!

Or you can just design your own!

The choice is yours!

The Noize Game Launcher Template
Space Race

Serverside Queries

Feed your Game Launcher Real-Time Data!

Using PHP/SQL, you can POST/GET queries direct from your web/game servers.

Post real-time scores, events or random data!

Built-in Updater

Game Launcher Creator comes with a built-in updater!

Check your servers in real-time to see if there is an update available!

Complete update and install feature available!

Game Auto Updaters

No Programming Required

Absolutely no coding required to design and develop your own Game Launchers!


A real-time, feature rich What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get Editor to design from!

Integrated Templates

Design your own launcher from scratch or choose a pre-designed theme!

Cloud-Based Content

Create Cloud-Based Game Launchers for dynamic interaction with players!

Frequently Asked Questions

Pondering? Wondering? Look no further… We’ll answer your most common questions here…

Sure you can. Game Launcher Creator was developed to enable game designers and game developers to have the ability to design their own game launchers in no time at all along with no coding requirements.

You can literally build your own Game Launcher in less than 2 minutes with our software. But with even more time to spare, you can build something that looks completely custom to your project.

You get full software support. You can access our forums or drop us an email. There are also free videos available if you would like to know more.

There are some cloud features to the Game Launcher Creator. It’s what makes our software stand out from the crowd. Images can be stored on a webserver and downloaded in real-time so if you ever want to update them, just replace them via FTP.

LC is compatible with *any* game engine available. Whether you are using C++ or an authoring tool such as Clickteam Fusion 2.5, Construct, Unity, Unreal or GameGuru. It is also compatible with M.U.G.E.N, CopperCube and many more. Basically if your game is in the executable, local HTML or standalone player form, GLC is compatible.

There is only one license available for GLC and that’s a commercial license. It’s just a one-off payment. No Subscriptions, no memberships… nothing. Pay once, get your license key and get designing!

Both. Game Launcher Creator can be used for any game, whether it was developed using a 2D engine or a 3D engine. There is no additional coding required for GLC launchers.

You sure can. There is a wide variety of formats supported by GLC including the popular MPEG (mp4) and AVI.

Additional video formats will be added and supported in future versions.


Check out all the features that Game Launcher Creator has to offer or go ahead and buy it right now.

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No wait times… we promise!