You are the Creator, the Developer.

We help you create awesome Game Launchers for your projects and developments.

Game Launcher Creator V2 the most powerful custom game launcher development tool on the market.

Featuring the most professional and advanced features packed into a WYSIWYG Editor interface and easy to setup and configure components, owning Game Launcher Creator V2 will speed up your development time dramatically!

What can our software do?

Featuring a Drag n Drop Realtime Launcher Editor, you can literally drag images, buttons, videos and more directly onto your launcher and see what it will look like!

Featuring two different methods of updating your game and launcher; a standard update download or file-by-file patching with your own game patching solution.

You don’t need to know any coding at all with Game Launcher Creator. Our software will let you design and configure your launchers with no programming whatsoever!

GET/PUT/POST server queries to your PHP scripts and get information back to display inside your game launchers. Full connectivity with databases supported.

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Design your own game launchers

Choose one of our pre-made templates to get you started in designing your own custom game launchers. We have a big collection of templates, buttons and library images to get you started!

Import your own design from Photoshop, Fireworks, Gimp or any other editing application straight into Game Launcher Creator. Make your design 100% yours and unique, or mash-up one of our templates!

REST Technology Integrated

With the advancement of technologies, we are able to develop and integrate RESTful technology.

This means there is room for full database integration, allowing permissions, capabilities and downloads for specific users.

and many, many more games…

If you are launching a PC game, so long as it has an executable (exe), a batch file (bat), a custom URI (fivem://) or is on Steam (steam://) you should be able to launch it with Game Launcher Creator.

If you are building your own game or app development with a framework such as Unity, Unreal Engine, Clickteam Fusion 2.5, Godot, Construct or RPG Maker, you can create a custom launcher for your very own game!

You are the Creator, the Developer.

We help you create awesome Game Launchers for your projects and developments.

Design your own Game Launchers in minutes!


Custom Launchers

Game Launcher Creator V2 is used by thousands of game developers around the world to create custom launchers for their game developments. You can create a standalone launcher that your user/player runs before entering the game.

This is a useful gap to check for game updates, provide changelogs, show the user the latest news and allow for additional extras such as launching a game options screen or controller setup.

Compatible with Developer Engines

GLC V2 is compatible with all types of game development engines such as Unity, Unreal Engine, FPS Creator, Clickteam Fusion 2.5, Construct, RPG Maker and many, many more.

Your custom launcher can launch any application or game that is an executable, run from a batch file or a custom URI (ie: steam://). You can even send command line arguments / CLI switches upon launching your game.

You can use your custom launcher to check for updates and then fire off the built-in updater or patching system aswell as many other features. Take a look at our feature list to see all the features available.

If you need a custom launcher for your Steam game, it will also be fully compatible with GLC V2.

Speed up your custom launcher development

You have spent a lot of time developing your game and even more time probably testing, so why waste more time developing a custom game launcher or a custom game updater? We have the full package available for you with Game Launcher Creator V2.

You can design your own custom designs using our intuitive Drag ‘n Drop editor and configure all your buttons to do exactly what you want them to. You can then configure the update system and then distribute your launcher either with your game or standalone.

Feature Overview

Game Launcher Creator V2 is a revolutionary software which allows you to design and develop your very own custom game launchers!

GLC has been written and designed from the ground-up and features an intuitive WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) user-interface.

You can use our library of pre-made templates (and modify them) or if you have your own artwork you can import your own! You can create your own professional looking Game Launchers within just a few minutes, featuring auto-updaters, cloud-based content, serverside queries via PHP and so much more!

Feel free to browse the website and take a look over the documentation if you need any help. You can contact us any time if you have any questions or need support.

DRAG 'n DROP Editor

Built-in Updater

Advanced Patching

Cloud Content

Launcher Templates

Windows Compatible

PHP Queries

Webpage Integration

Unlimited Pages

Registry Checks

Video Streaming

Animated GIFs

Internet Checks

System Tray Icons

Fullscreen Launchers

Object Layers

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