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Design your own custom launchers for your FiveM Servers using Game Launcher Creator V2.

Game Launcher Creator is used Worldwide by Hundreds of existing GTA V / RAGEMP / FiveM Users. You can join the masses and create your very own custom, professional game launchers for your very own servers using GLC V2.



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The Most Popular FiveM Tool – Ever!

GTA V Launcher

Featuring a Drag n Drop Realtime Launcher Editor, you can literally drag images, buttons, videos and more directly onto your launcher and see what it will look like!

Featuring two different methods of updating your game and launcher; a standard update download or file-by-file patching with your own game patching solution.

You don’t need to know any coding at all with Game Launcher Creator. Our software will let you design and configure your launchers with no programming whatsoever!

GET/PUT/POST server queries to your PHP scripts and get information back to display inside your game launchers. Full connectivity with databases supported.

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Game Launcher Creator V2 has a complete Drag ‘n Drop, Live WYSIWYG Editor.

This means you can drop in buttons, images, videos, text strings and much more with just the click of a mouse and then completely customize each component.

Our Powerful WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) editor means you can design your own custom FiveM game launchers in minutes, literally!

Chaos GTA FiveM Launcher
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Live Server Stats

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Real-Time Server Stats

Game Launcher Creator V2 comes complete with real-time FiveM scripts to display when your FiveM servers are online and how many players are currently playing, in real-time! You can also create your own scripts to do so much more with your custom FiveM launcher!
GTA V FiveM Custom Launcher
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Distribute your Mods Directly

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ACE Roleplay FiveM Launcher

Your Players – Your Mod Files

We all know that your GTA FiveM server probably features some mods or modpacks. With GLC V2 you can use our built-in updater and patching system to ensure your players have all your available mods downloaded and ready to use before joining your server!

The best part is, if you ever changed any of the files, the launcher will automatically sync these over to your player. Even better is, if your player modifies any of the files, your launcher can patch them!

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Direct Connect to FiveM Servers

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Let your players Insta-Connect

You can design your own buttons (or use the templates ones) to put in a ‘Launch’ or ‘Play’ button which will direct connect the player straight to your servers only. You can do this with one or more servers. You drop in a button, put in your IP and Port and it’s done!

GTA V FiveM Launcher Design
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Discord Connection

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Link your Discord Server

You can drag n drop Discord buttons directly into your launcher. These buttons can be used from our templates or you can import your own button images.

You can allow your users to connect directly to your Discord server and even allow them to connect to specific channels.

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Connect to Teamspeak

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Connect to Teamspeak

With Game Launcher Creator V2 it is really easy to create Teamspeak buttons that connect directly to your TS3 servers.

You can even have buttons to connect to specific channels on your server and you can send other commandlines such as specific usernames to use and much more!

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A whole load more features

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DRAG 'n DROP Editor

Built-in Updater

Advanced Patching

Cloud Content

Launcher Templates

Windows Compatible

PHP Queries

Webpage Integration

Unlimited Pages

Registry Checks

Video Streaming

Animated GIFs

Internet Checks

System Tray Icons

Fullscreen Launchers

Object Layers

Game Launcher Creator V2 is the number one choice for FiveM users to design their own custom server launchers!

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Design your own custom server launcher

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life roleplay gta launcher

Design your own custom look and feel

Give the launcher to your friends, players or community!

Lots of Tutorials, Video Tutorials and support for Fivem Users

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Compatible with Other Games Too

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and many, many more...

Final Sale days left before normal price!

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ByteBox Media nor Game Launcher Creator has no affiliation, endorsement or partnership with neither FiveM, Take-Two Interactive nor Rockstar. On the same flip of the coin, we neither endorse or affiliate with the use of FiveM or Grand Theft Auto V modified servers.