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GTA V Script Hook V Trainer

GTA V Script Hook V Trainer

Script Hook V is a trainer that allows you to use GTA V to script native functions in custom ASI plugins.

In basic terms, Script Hook V allows you to completely take over the GTA V game engine in Single Player mode to create your own world of mayhem.

The script virtually “hooks” onto GTA V whilst it is running and provides you with in-game menus allowing you to select from a plethora of options, settings, tweaks and customizations. From changing your player skin to teleporting anywhere, from increasing and decreasing your wanted level, adding cash, enabling fast swimming and much more.

The list is pretty much endless to the possibilities that lay before you with Script Hook V and you can even create your own custom scripts that will execute at the press of a hotkey.

Anything that you think could be possible within the GTA V single player world is now possible and even stuff you never would think of.

For example, you can literally change your character into Franklin, Trevor or Michael instantly. But if that’s not enough, how about changing your character to a Cow? or a Pig? How about a Police Officer… or a seagull…

You can enable special properties such as Super Jump or Fast Run which are pretty self-explanatory. Add cash at the touch of a button. Spawn any vehicle, any time in any place!

If you ever wanted to create your own movies or cut-scenes using the GTA V engine, Script Hook V is the perfect mod for it.

Imagine at the touch of a button being able to change the weather instantly, change the power of the waves from the sea, including the height and ferocity! SHV gives you all these available options and many, many more, virtually endless…

Due to the fact this script “hooks” onto the GTA V game engine, it automatically disables itself when playing Online in GTA V. This is due to the fact your account will end up banned if found using it online. Keep it fair people!

The latest version of Script Hook V also includes the latest ASI Loader and Native Trainer inside the distribution. To install Script Hook V simply copy ScriptHookV.dll to the game’s main folder (typically where your GTA5.exe is located). You then need to have the ASI loader installed to load ASI plugins. You can download it separately or use the latest version that comes with the main download, which is dsound.dll)

To use Script Hook V you simply hit F4 when in the game (GTA V Single Player) to be presented with the main menu. You can then use the NUMPAD to navigate through the menu (2/4/6/8 – down/left/right/up) and hit NUM5 to apply or select the currently chosen option.

To download the latest version of Script Hook V, click here.

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