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GTA V Paleto Bay Sheriff’s Office

GTA V Paleto Bay Sheriff’s Office

MLO’s Paleto Bay Sheriff’s Office is one of the most popular downloaded FiveM mods to date.

Due to the popularity of FiveM users playing their own versions of Sandy Shores and Mission Row PD, there was nothing Paleto Bay related so FiveM user Matus77 decided to create one all by himself.

Matus77 stated

“Originally this was suppose to be a server exclusive interior, but thanks to some people I changed my mind. Since then I was working around the clock to make it public as a proper project.”

Paleto Bay FiveM Mod Screenshot

And without further ado, the extended version of Paleto became available to download and use as a mod in your FiveM servers.

The Paleto Bay Sheriff’s Office is actually quite detailed featuring two offices, an interrogation room, an armoury and two police cells.

This FiveM police station mod will not affect Sandy Shore Department, Matus77 ensured that Paleto is a separate entity so there are no problems in using it in your servers.

The latest updates include:

  • No More crashes on Single Player GTA V
  • Related with no spawning props

To install this mod for your GTA V FiveM servers you simply extract the ‘sp’ folder into ‘mods/update/x64/dlcpacks’ and also add dlcpacks:/paletopd/ into the dlclist.xml file located at ‘mods/update.rpf/common/data’

For FiveM – just drop the resource and add ‘start paletopd’ in your server.cfg.

Click here to download the Paleto Bay Sheriff Office Mod.

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