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Valheim Game Launchers

Valheim Game Launchers

Valheim is taking the world by storm. Players from all around the world are flocking to this 2021 game for an awesome multiplayer adventure.

It’s currently available through Steam to download and guess what? Game Launcher Creator V2 is completely compatible with Valheim.

Click here to see how you can design your own custom Valheim launchers.

Valheim Custom Launcher

Instant Server Connect

With GLC V2 it’s totally possible to design your own launchers and create your own buttons allowing your players to instantly connect to your community server. If you have more than one server, it’s possible to have an unlimited amount of buttons.

With Valheim your players will need Steam installed but who doesn’t have Steam today? If even if they don’t, they can freely download and install it.

You can also create Teamspeak (TS3) buttons that will connect your users directly to your Teamspeak server. You can configure the settings to go even deeper than that such as connecting to specific channels and setting particular usernames.

Connect with Discord

Discord is the place to be for gamers today and all good communities have their own Discord server. When designing your custom launcher in Game Launcher Creator V2, you can create Discord buttons with invites to your Discord server and even to specific channels inside your server.

Rich Presence opens the gateway to showcase what users are playing and where they are in this digital age of gaming.

Combine buttons inside GLC V2 to create automatic connections to your Discord Server, TeamSpeak Server and your Valhaim Game Server.

Custom Launcher Designs

With Game Launcher Creator V2 the possibilities are absolutely endless when it comes to creating your own complete custom design for your Valheim launchers. Using our intuitive drag n drop interface, you can use either our pre-made templates to get you going or you can import your own designs from Photoshop, Fireworks, GIMP and other graphics software.

You can even download images from online libraries or Google Images to use inside your game launchers.

GLC V2 features the ability to ‘shape’ or ‘mould’ your custom launcher using Alpha Transparency. This leads the way for spectacular custom design work and having awesome-looking Valheim launchers that will look really funky on a Windows 10 desktop.

You simply use Alpha (PNG32) images with Transparency or use a JPG/PNG24 without transparency and use full black (0,0,0 – RGB) to create a unique window shape.

Using an image that is PNG 32 or PNG 24 with transparency will allow you to ‘shape’ your window instead of having the usual rectangle window for your launcher.

The only Launcher Design Tool

Game Launcher Creator V2 is the only game launcher design tool on the market and we have spent over 3 years developing our software so it’s easy to use and contains some very advanced features including file downloads, file patching, connect buttons, update buttons, videos, gifs and much, much more.

Our launcher designing tool is the best on the market and always will be as we continue to develop new features for it through 2021.

To see how to design your own Valheim launcher with GLCV2, click here.

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