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Python Game Launcher Maker

Python Game Launcher Maker

Gone are the days of coding a game launcher in Python. Python is a popular scripting language that allows people to code or ‘script’ their own custom game launchers. Python, whilst popular for quick scripting, is not the most reliable (or functional) when it comes to building something solid and robust, especially for Windows.

Python ScriptingPython Game Launchers

Whilst Python allows for quick access especially in linking and executing other scripts, it’s still quite open and a little flimsy when it comes to programming a robust game or app launcher. Many people who previously would turn to Python for their game launcher development, now turn to Game Launcher Creator.

Game Launcher Creator allows you to quickly and visually design and develop a custom game launcher with zero programming at all. GLC (Game Launcher Creator) stands out due to it’s excellent ability to allow you to literally ‘paint’ together a game launcher or app launcher with absolutely no coding requirements.

Your Launcher is now a Native Windows Application

Once compiled, your custom game launcher is then native to Windows as a native Windows application. Your game launcher becomes close-sourced and cannot be edited, only by you via the source project files. Developing a game launcher this way is much more secure as you can distribute your launcher knowing that it isn’t hackable and nobody will be tampering with the way the launcher is supposed to work.

On the whole, whether you’re coding a game launcher in C# or Python, nothing truly beats having the ability to design and develop your own launchers freely as a true, native Windows application (executable) that you can distribute with your games, and even include updating (and auto-updating), links to your websites, forums, other downloads and much, much more.

GLC works excellently with the Game Launcher Hosting package also, enabling you to store most of your launcher’s data in the cloud so it can be completely unmodified (only by yourself) and you can do it in the cloud (ie: images and downloads will update immediately without having to update the game launcher).

Don’t Code Your Game Launcher

Game Launcher Creator is the most popular choice, whether you decided you are coding your game launcher in Python, programming a launcher in Unity or just looking for the best tool to prototype and develop much more quickly. You can check out the full list of features of GLC here.

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