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Godot Custom Game Launchers

Godot Custom Game Launchers

A game development revolution was here, is here and will always be here… Godot is a great game development engine released in 2014 (Version 1.0) – enabling people to create their own 2D and 3D games with a free game engine, released under the MIT license.

Godot Game Engine

Godot has grown quite rapidly in its development and use since it’s primary release back in 2014. Being released off the back of 7 years of development by the two initial developers, wannabe game devs can simply download Godot and get working with it straight away.

One of the positive features that Godot has, is its ability to store game assets such as game music and game artwork, as a file system instead of a database. This enables developers to simply modify or replace files without having the need to update any internal/external database which links files to projects.

Godot Custom Game LaunchersGodot Game Launcher

Godot is great for 2D and 3D game development, there is no doubt about it. With the added ability to use a plethora of programming languages or the internal scripting languages, developers can level up from beginner to advanced in their own time, whilst learning programming along the way.

Whilst Godot is great for game development, it’s not suited for developing game launchers. Infact, a Godot Game Launcher would be unorthodox, which is why we recommend using Game Launcher Creator to design and distribute along with your Godot-made games, so your users can download game updates, check the latest forum news and launch your game when they’re ready to play.

You can easily sync your games and game updates with GLC and Godot made games/apps. It’s never been easier, you simply drag n drop to design your launcher, build it then ship it with your game.

Godot Game Updater

If you’re looking for an updater for your Godot games then Game Launcher Creator can handle this with ease. You simply create your update (as an installer), change the version number on your website/server and all of your players who have your game installed, will be notified of an update when they run your game launcher.

Once you have updated the game files in the installer, it literally takes 5 seconds to push the update out to all your players.

Never worry about how you would design or develop a game updater for your Godot developed games.

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