Dayz Custom Launcher Settings

Dayz is one of the most popular zombie survival games of the modern times. It’s widely used worldwide and has a lot of players and communities.

With it’s open-world sandbox engine, it allows for endless possibilities and gametypes, to be used in conjunction with the multiplayer aspects. Game Launcher Creator V2 allows you to design and develop your own custom game launchers that are completely compatible with Dayz servers.

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Custom Dayz Launcher

Designing a custom Dayz launcher with GLC V2 is mega easy. With GLC’s live WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) editor, how you design your launcher in GLC, is exactly how it will look when compiled. There’s no programming at all, everything is simply drag ‘n drop, turning the development of a professional looking, custom Dayz launcher into the easiest task known to man.

With GLC V2, you have a vast array of objects at your disposal which you can simply drag ‘n drop straight into your Dayz launchers. Once you drop a component on to the live editor, you can then move, resize and configure the settings for that component, enabling you to import artwork, buttons, animations, videos and even PHP server query strings.

Every single component is customizable and Game Launcher Creator even features a built-in library so you can quickly insert buttons, images and videos, or import your own.

How to launch your custom Dayz server

Dayz is a Steam game, there’s also a standalone version, which works with the same principle. However, launching the Steam version of Dayz, so the user goes straight to your server is very easy with the Game Launcher Creator.

You simply insert a button and on the settings for that button, select ‘Webpage’ then type in the following:

steam://rungameid/33930//-nosplash -connect=XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:XXXX

You replace the XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX with your IP and the :XXXX with your port number. If Steam is properly configured with Windows, which is usually is, it will launch Dayz and connect to your server automatically. This is great for ensuring your players/users only connect to your servers.

With GLC V2, you can have as many buttons and servers as you wish, there are no limits.

Completely Custom – Completely Yours

How you design your custom Dayz Launcher is entirely up to you. We already have a lot of Dayz users, using Game Launcher Creator to design and develop their own custom game launcher for their Dayz servers. Game Launcher Creator V2 allows you the freedom to import artwork from your computer, downloaded from the internet or using our copyright-free library of images.

Once you have designed and configured your launcher, you can then compile and distribute the executable to all your players and have it as a download on your website.

Game Launcher Creator has many, many more features to it, including a built-in update/patching system, system tray icons and much more. You can view the full feature list here.

You can Download GLC V2 here.

Featuring two different methods of updating your game and launcher; a standard update download or file-by-file patching with your own game patching solution.

Featuring two different methods of updating your game and launcher; a standard update download or file-by-file patching with your own game patching solution.

Game Launcher Creator comes packed with exclusive features for you to design and build your own game launchers!


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