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The Best Valheim Mod Tools 2021

The Best Valheim Mod Tools 2021

Valheim is a popular online multiplayer game that is taking the world by storm.

Nothing adds more to an online multiplayer game than modders being able to get their hands on modding and creating tools for PC games like Valheim. Here we look at the top 5 tools and mods available for this popular PC game.

Valheim Custom Launcher

Custom Valheim Launchers

With the sudden popularity increase for Valheim we see an abundance of Official and Dedicated multiplayer servers being setup by Valheim users globally. In order to make your Valheim server and community have more value, a custom game launcher is a great tool to have in your community’s arsenal.

Game Launcher Creator V2 provides you the ability to design your own custom Valeheim launcher within minutes, using an easy Drag ‘n Drop interface. But don’t take the ease-of-use as a limitation either, GLC V2 provides professional game launching features such as real-time file/mod patching, launching into Discord servers, Teamspeak, showing web pages and much, much more.

GLC V2 is a very handy tool, used by lots of Valheim users already.


Gone are the days you spent a very long time crafting and building unique structures (like in Minecraft) just to only be admired as ‘part of your map’, with Buildshare you can now export your unique buildings as this handy Valheim tool will enable you to export your building as a .vbuild file.

This is a very handy tool for sharing your buildings with other Valheim players or even import into another one of your maps. It’s just too easy.

Sleep Mod

This is a unique mod that will actually probably become the ‘norm’ to use in the not-so-distant future.

This mod allows you to sleep on beds meaning you don’t have to set spawn points and you will also be able to sleep on others beds too, even those that have been claimed. It’s simple to setup and use and will add value to Valheim.

Creature Level and Level Loot

This is a pretty insane mod. This Valheim mod allows you to take control over creatures levels and loot levels too which means you can spawn some pretty intense battles with huge, tough creatures.

This mod even works on multiplayer, assuming all your players have the mod installed and the correct settings. Did you know you can use GLC V2’s built-in patching system to make sure people have all the correct mod files installed automatically?

Build Camera

This is another unique Valheim mod in which it allows you to ditch the scaffolding and use a different perspective for building. This means you can actually find the snap points pretty easy to connect things into the right place.

This mod is active in development and is already widely used across the Valheim universe.

Valheim Better UI

The Better UI mod allows for a better Valheim User Interface and it will benefit you greatly having this installed. It’s such a simple and tiny mod but it makes the whole experience one hundred times better for everyone.

The Better UI mod allows for custom tooltips and hover information prompts. There are quite a few other options available to make the UI experience much better. It is also actively maintained and worked on so expect quite a few updates all the time with even more improvements.

Valheim Plus

If you want the full-blown Viking experience then you really need to download and install the Valheim Plus mod.

This mod provides you with a much better Valheim experience and includes a plethora of new features, tweaks, modifications and improvements.

Features include the ability to modify XP levels, food degradation over time, changing FOVs, disabling portals and much, much more. You can read more and download Valheim Plus here.


Considering the developers didn’t really intend for Valheim to be moddable, they’ve done a pretty good job of keeping a lot of the core ‘open’ in order for modders to create tools and mods like these listed.

We will do our best to keep this list up to date. Obviously there are far too many mods to list them all, so we will keep this list to the best, current mods and tools for Valheim.

It’s a great game with a lot of potential and it’s taken the world by storm. Now pickup your tools and go live your life as Viking in this elustrious world called Valheim.

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