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Design a custom login screen for your GLCV2 minecraft launchers

We have programmed functionality inside our new Config File Creator software to allow you to create custom Minecraft login screens for your custom Minecraft Launchers!

Custom Minecraft Login Editor

Drag n Drop Editor

A complete drag and drop editor with checkboxes, lists, sliders and much more.

Create configuration files and let your users modify existing configuration files if you want to.

Drag n Drop Editor Preview
Drag and Drop

Featuring a true real-time editor, you can drag and drop objects straight in to your custom dialog with no coding.


Get access to the latest updates with an active subscription. You will always get the first 12 months free.

No Coding

There is no coding inside our software. Our editor will let you design and configure your ialogswith no programming whatsoever

Custom Designs

Import your own custom designs from your favorite applications like Photoshop, GIMP, Illustrator and Fireworks.


Build the dialog of your visions then give it to your community and friends to use by distributing it freely with your launcher!


Our Editor and your Launcher are compatible with Windows and all graphics cards are supported including laptops.

Custom Login Dialog

Offers support for Microsoft, Mojang and Offline Logins for your launcher users

We have a step-by-step tutorial available for GLCV2 users

In order for your dialog to work, you will need a legit, licensed copy of GLCV2 installed

Minecraft Fabric Woman
Custom Minecraft Login Editor

Design your own custom Minecraft Login Dialog now



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You will require a ByteBox Media Store account to purchase. This will be created upon purchase.

In order for the Minecraft dialog bridge to work inside Config File Creator, you must have GLCV2 installed on the same computer.