Game Launcher Creator V3 is an actively developed software product from ByteBox Media. We are a UK based company with headquarters in Manchester and headquarters in the United States (Montana).

We strive to provide the best support we can for our products and services. As well as hundreds of pages of documentation, tutorials and guides, we also have lots of other support channels available.

If you need product support, please make sure you read through our documentation first which is available freely online, if you need further help then post your question or query on our official support forums.

Failing these, if you still require further assistance (or something more specific) take a look at your options below.

Support Channels

Read through the official documentation online.

How-tos, Walk-throughs and step-by-steps.

Check out the official community forums.

Get special 1-to-1 VIP support and special access.

Get special 1-to-1 VIP support and special access.

Email us directly regarding your query.

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