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Webview Compatibility – Edge/Chrome

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Webview Compatibility – Edge/Chrome

The webview component contained inside game launchers made with Game Launcher Creator use an emulated Microsoft Edge component. This is strictly to provide complete compatibility for all of your users using your custom launcher.

Many users are still using Windows 7, Windows 8 aswell as Windows 10, some are even using OS` as far back as Windows Vista. So in order to ensure your game launchers are compatible with most versions of windows, we use this emulated component. It’s a great offering and it allows us to keep the launcher runtime down to around 7MB. Implementing a new webkit such as Chronium right now, would mean a runtime addition of around 60mb and we don’t think users would be happy distributing 60-70mb launchers.

The Website Header Fix

By default, most websites don’t like to spew out compatibility headers for older browsers, but this is a must if you’re using our small control component.

It’s very simple and easy to do, all you need to do is implement this code into the <head> section of your website/webpages to display them correctly inside Game Launcher Creator launchers…

<meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=edge,chrome=1″ />

All you need to do is pop this code in all your webpages that you want to remain compatible with the launchers, in terms of design and layout. This code needs to go after the <head> and before the </head> tags. Once you have done this, purge, delete, refresh any caches you may have, then try your website with GLC V2.

Wordpress Elementor Webview FixWordPress / Elementor Fixes

WordPress and Elementor (and some other CMS`) tend to use lots of CSS and JS calls for page layout and themes.

For WordPress and other CMS` (especially if you’re using Elementor) this code will need to be injected onto every page. However, with a CMS like WordPress this is very easily accomplished. We recommend downloading a header and footer plugin, pop that code into the header section, purge, delete or refresh your caches and you’re away.

If you don’t want to use a plugin for your WP website, you can simply just edit your child theme’s header.php file and pop this line of code inside there. Don’t forget to refresh your server caches.

We send a cachebuster query string along with all web page requests anyway, but it’s always better to see instant results.

As always, please ensure you backup your website before modifying anything!

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