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Game Launcher Creator Documentation

Welcome to the online documentation and tutorial section.

This is a full help section online giving you support on the various functions, objects and properties of Game Launcher Creator V2.

Game Launcher Creator Tutorials

Check out these official and user tutorials for use with GLC V2.

AOPS – Advanced Online patching System

Learn how to setup AOPS the original way.

DayZ Game Patch
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Problems with AOPS? Troubleshoot using our in-depth guide.

GTA V (FiveM)

Learn how to clear the FiveM Cache for your users inside your custom FiveM launchers.

This method requires ownership of GLC V2.

GTA V Custom FiveM Launcher
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Here is the link to our PHP scripts created by XPreciousGaming for use inside Game Launcher Creator V2 FiveM Launchers.

These scripts are free to use for owners of GLC V2 and are very easy to configure.

Learn how to connect to your FiveM server directly with this tutorial. You must be logged into your website account to view it.

General GLCV2 Tutorials

A quick introduction to getting started with GLCV2.

Game Launcher Creator on Linux and Mac
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Custom Valheim Launcher
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NoPixel Launcher
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Learn how to package your launcher and all the files up into a single executable file.

Registry Settings Complete
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Learn how to turn your splash screen into a video splash screen with ease.

Learn how to display information from some of the most popular games inside your launchers.


Learn how to configure a modern Minecraft server launcher with GLCV2.

Game Launcher Layout 2
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Advanced Online Patching System Logo
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Other Tutorials