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Launcher Properties

Game Launcher Properties

This is the property window for your game launcher project. This property window holds all the relevant properties for your Game Launcher such as Window Title, Window Size and much more. In this section, we will cover all the properties for the Game Launcher.

Game Launcher PropertiesWindow

Window Title

Enter your game launcher title here. This is what will appear in the Windows Taskbar and Windows Task Manager.

Window Size

Enter the size of your Game Launcher window here. You can enter any size here. Be mindful of some users having lower resolutions (ie: laptops).

Minimize & Close Buttons

Here you can select whether to show the minimize and close buttons inside your game launcher. Check the box to show, uncheck to not show. You can also choose the color of your game launcher min/close buttons here.

Window Background

Use Background Color

Select Background Color to use a standard color for the background of your game launcher. You can choose a single plain color or choose from a gradient which is a fade between two colors. If you choose gradient, you can also select whether it’s a horizontal gradient or a vertical gradient.

Use Background Image

You can select the background image to be used for your game launcher. Note, this image will be stretched and re-sampled to fit the size of the Window. It is recommended you design your background image to the size you wish your game launcher to be.


Music Enabled

Check this box to have background music enabled to play in your game launcher. If selected, it will play this background music upon launch. You can select from a variety of music files including WAV, MP3, OGG and MIDI.

Loop Background Music

Select this option if you want your background music to loop, which means when it’s finished, it will play again, forever.

Splash Screen

Include Splash Screen

If this option is selected, you can import an image to use as the Splash Screen for your game launchers. This splash screen is optional. The Splash Screen will show when the launcher is loading. If left unchecked, your game launcher will use the default grey background to show the loading of the launcher.

N.B – Your Splash Screen image must be 640×240.

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