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Built-In Updater

Game Launcher Creator comes complete with its own built-in updating system. This means you can implement an updater directly for your games, so as soon as there is a new version available, all your players will be able to download the latest version.

In this section, we will take a look over the properties for the launcher and what you will need to configure to get it working correctly.

Built In Game Launcher UpdaterInclude Updater

Select this checkbox to include the update system into your final game launcher. If you do not require nor want an update system in your launcher, ensure this is unchecked.

Auto Update?

Select this checkbox if you want your Game Launcher to automatically check for updates upon launcher start. If you want the user to manually choose to update, uncheck this.

Updater Configuration

In the first text box we have the remote filename which contains the contents of the latest version number. Inside here, use integer values (ie: 1,2,3,4).

In the second text box we have the local filename. Ensure this contains the number of the version installed as an integer (ie: 1,2,3,4).

In the final text box we have the direct URL to the update/installer executable. Please ensure you specify the exact and correct URL (CaSe SenSITivE) here.

How to use the Built-In Updater

Using the built-in updater is very easy with the Game Launcher Creator. In the second text box, specify the filename of a text file that contains the version number. Inside your first release with the launcher here, you would typically state this as 1. This would be the first release.

When you have version 2 available, upload your update.exe (or patcher/installer) and specify the filename in the third box. Then update the text file in the first box with the latest version number, ie: 2.

You will need to ensure there is a button available in your Game Launcher with the action: Check for Updates.

So if your user has Version 1 installed and they check for an update, the launcher will automatically compare the version number of the local file (1) to the version number on the server (2). It will then detect that the server has a higher number than the currently installed version and will proceed to download the updater/installer/patcher. Once successfully downloaded, it will then exit the Launcher and launch the updater.

Important Note: You must remember when you update your users game files, that you also update the version.txt so it also updates that file and doesn’t constantly trigger an update every time.

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