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Building a Launcher with Unity

Building a game launcher for your Unity game developments has never been easier with the Game Launcher Creator. Using GLC, you are able to design and develop your own fully functional game launcher complete with a built-in update system.

Click here to see how you can build your own Unity Launcher and Patching System with GLCV2.

For Unity Developers

Game Launcher Creator is fully compatible with games developed with Unity for PC. Designing your own game launcher for Unity games couldn’t be easier. You simply design your game launcher with your own graphics by clicking and dragging elements into your game launcher. You then configure the game launcher, prepare your files and ship your first install of your game.

Game Launcher PreviewBuilt-in Unity Games Updater

Every time you compile a new update to your game, you can just pack it in an executable, upload it to your server and publish the update too. When your users who are using Version 1 launch your game launcher, it will check your server to see there is Version 2 available. Your game launcher will then download and install the latest update for your user.

Unity Game Launcher Options

There are a plethora of options available in Game Launcher Creator when you are designing your game launchers for your Unity Games. You can insert local graphics or cloud-based graphics. Cloud-based graphics are awesome as you can change the image on the server and it will reflect throughout all the game launchers without a need to update!

There are lots of other objects (elements) you can insert and design into your game launcher too, from Movies (FMVs) to Credit Scenes, Dynamic Serverside Query Strings and much, much more.

Therefore, when designing your game launchers, you have almost unlimited possibilities.

Serverside Queries

Yes! You heard correctly. You can design and develop your very own serverside query strings directly into your game launchers made with the Game Launcher Creator. You maybe wondering what this means if you are not tech-savvy.Sword Craft Free Template

You know those game launchers that tell you how many people are playing online? Or what the latest maps were added to the server? This is all done by performing server-side queries with GET/POST. With the Game Launcher Creator, you can drop in query strings that liaise with your web servers in real-time. So all you need is a hint of PHP and you can GET any data you want, in real-time!

Advanced Game Launcher Creation

We have spent several years developing launcher/update/install software. So when we decided to officially develop GLC, we wanted to develop it because we knew it would be a tool that would help developers. We consider the Game Launcher Creator, even in its infancy, to be the most advanced game launcher designing software available to date. Check out the full list of available features and get your copy today for instant download!

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