Upgrading to pro gets you these Professional features...

Advanced Online Patching System

Absolute must-have for Developers!

Have an efficient patcher that will patch your users game files. It's a very advanced (and easy) to use system with lots of special options, flags and switches. You will not be disappointed!
Pro Feature

Unlimited Pages

Add, Remove and Rename pages in your Game Launcher Projects at your own will!

You can use pages to allow navigation to different parts, downloads! Use as many pages as you like, and even choose the default starting page!
Pro Feature

GIF Object

Bring your game launchers to life with the all-new GIF Object!

Import your own animated or static GIFs into your launcher projects to give it a bit of animation! Also supports FLC/FLA Files.
Pro Feature

Cloud Videos (Streaming)

Allow your users to stream WMV videos direct from your web server!

Having the ability to stream a video direct to your game launchers gives you an edge in having the ability to update the video at any given time!
Pro Feature

Registry Checks

Need to check the registry to enable/disable a button?

Now you can with the new Registry Property for buttons. You can check the users registry to see where a certain game or app is installed on their computer, then allow them to launch it!
Pro Feature

System Tray Icon

Attach a System Tray Icon to your Game Launchers and act like a Pro!

By doing this, your users can minimize your game launchers to the system tray and then relaunch just by clicking on your game launcher icon!
Pro Feature

Check Internet Connections

Add more power to your game launchers by having the ability to check for an active internet connection!

If your launcher uses an updater, the AOPS (Advanced Online Patching System) or cloud content, you can refuse to launch if no active internet is found!
Pro Feature

New Advanced Videos

We've added special functionality to Pro Videos!

You can now use a new property for local videos in your game launchers 'Upon End'. So you can now do stuff when the video finishes (for example, go to another page - perfect for Intro Videos).
Pro Feature

Object Opacity

What better way to edit your Game Launchers than bringing in real-time opacity levels for objects?

With the Pro Editor, you can set the opacity (transparency) level of objects such as buttons, images and videos!
Pro Feature
Main GLC Pro Cover

Upgrade to V2 Pro edition

To upgrade, please email us at support@gamelaunchercreator.com – please tell us your existing serial number, your full name and where you purchased from. Alternatively, you can speak to one of our Dev’s in our Discord Channel here.