Rage Multiplayer Custom Launcher

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Design a Custom Game Launcher for your RageMP Server

Not currently compatible with GLCV2

Design your own custom game launchers for your own RageMP servers using Game Launcher Creator V2.

Game Launcher Creator is used worldwide by hundreds of existing RageMP users. You can join the masses and create your very own custom, professional game launchers for your very own servers using GLC V2.

Rage Multiplayer Custom Launcher


Rage Multiplayer Custom Launcher
FiveM Game Launcher Fullscreen

Absolutely no programming required at all...

Game Launcher Creator V2 has a complete Drag ‘n Drop, Live WYSIWYG Editor.

This means you can drop in buttons, images, videos, text strings and much more with just the click of a mouse and then completely customize each component.

Our Powerful WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) editor means you can design your own custom RageMP game launchers in minutes, literally!

Rage Multiplayer Custom Launcher


Rage Multiplayer Custom Launcher

It's all about the php/json

Game Launcher Creator V2 enables you to POST$ and GET$ data via PHP with an SQL database or directly to the server and publish whatever the server gives back, giving you access to display realtime information about your server whether it’s players online or real-time scores.

Live FiveM Server Stats
Rage Multiplayer Custom Launcher


Rage Multiplayer Custom Launcher
FiveM Grand Theft Auto V Online

Let them interact, with realtime updates

Game Launcher Creator V2 includes a special ‘Cloud Image‘ object, enabling you to insert images that are on the cloud. This is great for updates, because you just simply update the image on your server and it will update live and direct on players launchers.

The Pro version of GLC V2 also features a ‘Cloud Video‘ object that enables you to do the same but with video.

Rage Multiplayer Custom Launcher


Rage Multiplayer Custom Launcher

And a whole host of other features! We are constantly working on Game Launcher Creator to add new features and improve on existing features.

Rage Multiplayer Custom Launcher


Rage Multiplayer Custom Launcher

With just one click of a button...

Your players can dive straight into your FiveM server literally at the click of a button.

Game Launcher Creator V2 has become the number one choice for those who are serious about GTA V Online with RageMP.

ByteBox Media nor Game Launcher Creator has no affiliation, endorsement or partnership with neither RageMP, Take-Two Interactive nor Rockstar. On the same flip of the coin, we neither endorse or affiliate with the use of RageMP or Grand Theft Auto V modified servers.