GLCV2 Updates and Patching

Game Launcher Creator V2 Patching System (AOPS)

GLCV2 has a built-in patching system called AOPS (Advanced Online Patching System).

AOPS allows you to keep your game, application or mod files up to date on the user’s computer at all times.

You can push out an update whenever you need to, simply upload the new files to your webserver (free and paid servers) and you can even set the launcher to auto-patch and force-patch.

There are plenty of options available. Here you can take a quick look at it in action… 

DayZ Game Patch

Built-in Updater

If you don’t need file-by-file patching, you can simply use the built-in updater.

It will allow you to simply update the remote version number online triggering an update available when the launcher runs. It will then download your installer (executable) or patcher and run it, allowing the the user to update/install.

Game Launcher Creator Update System