GLCV2 Introduction

Game Launcher Creator Introduction

Game Launcher Creator V2 (GLCV2) is a Windows™ Desktop software application that allows you to create, edit and build your own game or application launchers for Windows.

You can create an unlimited amount of launcher projects, edit them at any time and build them to distribute or update them at any time.

There is no branding of us and you are free to distribute your built launchers however you please.

Application Overview

Click on a Green Button to see what each dialog does inside our launcher editor.

The launcher pages dialog allows you to create new pages, edit existing pages or remove pages. You can also rename them and clone them.

The object tool dialog allows you to insert a new object into your launcher. From buttons to images, from videos to text strings and web pages.

This dialog allows you to quickly edit most of the important settings for your launcher like window settings, background music and updater settings.

This dialog will allow you to see all the objects in your launcher page. You can quickly edit, move, rename or delete your objects and much more.

Create your own workspace

Our software application is a free-moving, open workspace editor. You can see and edit your live launcher in the center and you have surrounding dialogs to perform various actions for editing. You can freely move these dialogs and create your own workspace.