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First GLCV2 Podcast

First GLCV2 Podcast

In this very first ever podcast video, I (Danny Jay) welcome you to the Podcast. In this podcast, I discuss what the future holds for ByteBox Media and the products such as Game Launcher Creator V2 and Game Patch Creator. …

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Come and join us in our Official ByteBox Media Discord server.

This is the main place where our developers hang out, our support staff and all of our community users.

Whether you have a question or just simply want to be a part of the community chat, come and join us. Everyone is welcome!

Check out our exhaustive documentation section online.

Our docs section covers pretty much everything to do with Game Launcher Creator V2 including an explanation for every feature, dialog and the interface.

Also includes video tutorials, how-tos and scripts.

Check out our official community forums.

Our forums are a good place for you to hunt down knowledge about the product, although we must admit, because of Discord, the forums are not used as much as they should be.

It’s still worth a look though…

You can email our support team directly here.

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Please allow up to 24 hours for a response. If your query is more urgent, please visit our Discord server.

We offer a complete, bespoke, custom game launcher development service.

You can view more information on this by clicking here.

Our Discord Community Server

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join our Discord community server which is where our developers, our support staff, moderators and users hang out 24/7.

Company Information

ByteBox Media Software Development

Game Launcher Creator V2 is developed and designed by ByteBox Media.

We are a UK/USA based software development company with offices in Manchester, UK and Montana, USA.

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