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Unreal Engine (UE4) Game Launcher

Unreal Engine (UE4) Game Launcher

Unreal Engine (also known as UE4) is one of the most popular game development tools available to date. The Unreal Engine developed exclusively by Epic, allows Indie Developers (and professional development teams) to design and develop 2D and 3D games using a robust, modern and cross-platform compatible engine. What you don’t want, is to be spending weeks or months developing a UE4 Game Launcher.

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UE4 Game Launcher

Once you have spent months, sometimes years designing and developing your Unreal Engine-based games, you do not want to be spending additional hours, weeks or months designing and developing a game launcher for your UE4 project.

Even developing a Game Launcher for your UE4 project in C++ can be arduous. A C++ game launcher can take weeks, even months to develop from prototype, to beta testing to final release and even then you will spend time maintaining and upgrading it.

With the Game Launcher Creator, you can design and develop professional looking and working UE4 game launchers within minutes, literally.

UE4 Game Launcher (Unreal Engine)UE4 Custom Launcher

When designing and developing your launcher with GLC, it is a completely custom UE4 game launcher. Using our intuitive WYSIWYG Editor, you can literally drag and drop components into the live editor and see how your UE4 launcher will look in real-time. Not only can you drag n drop visual components but you can also tweak the settings of all the game launcher components in real-time too.

We have taken away all of the programming and coding required to design and develop a game launcher, enabling you, whether an Indie or a professional game development team, to develop your own UE4 game launchers in no time at all.

Interaction with your players and users is important. Having your players run the game launcher before even getting into your game enables you to deliver news, feeds, live server queries and game updates direct to your players desktops. You can have both manual or automatic updating for your UE4 made games also.

The options are endless and GLC is constantly being worked on and improved to include new and additional features. Game Launcher Creator is the industry-standard tool for game launcher development and we welcome you to take a look around at the game launcher feature set to see how it will take care of all your problems.

Be Epic with your Game Launcher Creation

Don’t be confused over what GLC can do. GLC is not a software that displays the games on your computer. It’s a software used by game designers or game developers, so you can have a game launcher specifically for your game. They are interactive and can deliver news, info and game updates to your players.

Having a UE4 game updater built-in to your game launcher will set you apart from the competition and allow you to deliver game updates to all of your players instantly.

If you want to build a custom game launcher for your Unreal Engine games, then Game Launcher Creator has you covered.

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