Unity Game Launcher / Game Updater

Unity Game Launcher PatcherCreating a Unity Game Launcher and Game Updater with the Game Launcher Creator could not be easier. In this day and age of Unity’s popularity, ease-of-use and scalability for your projects means it is the go-to game development tool, even before UE4 (Unreal Engine). Constructing a Game Launcher in Unity can be arduous and we take away that pain with the best WYSIWYG editing tool available on the market.

Unity Game Launcher

Creating a game launcher for your Unity developed games should not be something taken lightly. A well designed and developed game launcher can enable you to interact with your players before they even launch into your game.

A well-crafted Unity Game Launcher will ensure that you keep your players up to date with news, information, the option to run different executables and perform game updates.

Unity is an ever-expanding game development tool and given the flexibility of being able to export your games directly as a Windows executable enables you to test your game and even distribute a Unity game launcher with your alpha/beta tests.

Unity Game Updater

Ensuring your players version of your Unity games is up to date, can be important. It can be increasingly important if your game contains DLC or In-App Purchases as errors within these kind of components could mean you losing out on revenue.

Game Launcher Creator comes complete with a built-in update system, perfect for your Unity made games. It even includes the ability to automatically check and download the latest version to your players PC.

Building a Game Patcher for Unity has never been easier with GLC. You simply drag n drop, visually design your game patcher for Unity, configure the settings then build your game patcher or launcher. You can now distribute this with your Unity games.

Custom Launcher Unity

When you build a game launcher using GLC, you are building a custom game launcher specifically for your game. It won’t look like any other game launcher, as it is yours. It’s yours to freely design, changing window settings, sizes, designs, templates, buttons and much, much more.

Having your own custom game launcher for Unity means that you can look even more professional and the Game Launcher Creator will help you achieve all of this, with absolutely no programming at all. It is all visual drag n drop using an intuitive WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) interface, meaning you are seeing how your game launcher will look as you design it, in real time!

Lots of Unity game developers trust and use Game Launcher Creator to build their game launchers so check out the game launcher features that are available and get Game Launcher Creator today.

Game Launcher Creator comes packed with exclusive features for you to design and build your own game launchers!


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