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Designing your own Game Launcher for RPG Maker with Game Launcher Creator is a cinch. Many developers over the years (since 2000) who have used RPG Maker have longed for a way to design and develop game launchers for RPG Maker without the need to code or use a programming language.

What is RPG Maker

RPG Maker is one of the most long-standing tools to design and develop your own Role Playing Games for Windows. In the latest version, RPG Maker MV, you can export not just for Windows but for Mac, Linux and other versions, even Web and Mobile.

RPG Maker has been around since the early days and the proceeding products since the early version have improved ten-fold on each version. New features, new abilities, new modes and methods make RPG Maker still one of the most popular tools to develop a decent RPG with. There are always constant offers on HumbleBundle for RPG Maker, if you want to pick it up at a really good, discounted price.

RPG Maker MV on SteamRPG Maker Deployment

Once you have designed and developed your RPG game using RPG Maker, you can then export it out as a Windows executable. You then distribute this package to your potential audience and they can play the game. The only issue is, it loads straight up into the game.

If you are wanting some interaction from the player before they start the game, that’s where a Game Launcher comes into play. You will need to design and develop a custom game launcher for your RPG Maker game and using a common programming language means this can be a difficult task, especially trying to learn a new coding language such as C++, C#, Python or Java.

Designing a Game Launcher for RPG Maker

Game Launcher Creator offers you the ability to make your RPG Maker game stand out from the crowd and look a million dollars. With GLC, you can design your own Game Launchers for RPG Maker games in no time at all, and with no programming.

RPG Maker Game LauncherYou simply deploy your game from within RPG Maker, exporting it as a Windows Executable. Once compiled, you then run Game Launcher Creator and design your own Game Launcher, with your own graphics from the game (or use a template).

You can give the player options such as ‘Run Game’ or even check for game updates (if you make updates for your game) – sometimes bugs do need fixing. With the specialised built-in updater, you can have your own custom game updater built directly into your game launcher, meaning your players never miss out on an update.

If you have a website for your game, you can link to that, you can even display content from your website directly in your RPG Maker game launchers. The possibilities are endless with Game Launcher Creator and we provide full support for all versions of RPG Maker, for Windows.

Game Launcher Creator comes packed with exclusive features for you to design and build your own game launchers!


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