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RageMP Custom Server Launcher

RageMP Custom Server Launcher

RageMP (RAGE Multiplayer) for Grand Theft Auto V Online Multiplayer is a vastly popular alternative modded server to FiveM. RageMP brings dedicated servers and modification to GTA V Online and we have a lot of users, server admins and communities using Game Launcher Creator V2 to create custom RageMP launchers for their servers.

RAGEMP is not currently compatible with GLCV2. Please speak to their devs regarding this.

Custom RageMP Launcher

RageMP ServerDesigning a custom RageMP launcher with GLC V2 is easy, super easy! With our intuitive drag ‘n drop interface, you can literally drag graphics, buttons, videos, GIFs and text directly onto the live editing window and then configure each component.

You can use existing templates or artwork from the built-in GLC library or you can design and import your own artwork to design your own custom launchers. GLC V2 allows you to design your launcher in real-time, meaning what you see from the design, is exactly how the launcher will look when it’s compiled. You can then distribute this launcher to your users and they can download, run and connect directly to your RageMP custom servers.

Built for Custom Servers

GLC V2 is built for game developers, gaming communities and enthusiasts who want their servers to look more professional and provide a more custom feel to their players.

Having a custom dedicated Grand Theft Auto V server allows you to apply custom modifications and have complete control over your server environment. A lot of servers use RageMP and FiveM for Role Playing and have been very successful in creating awesome communities. A lot of these communities use Game Launcher Creator to design and develop their own custom launchers tailored to their server, so their players can keep up to date with news, get downloads and connect directly to their RageMP server.

RageMP Custom Server LauncherThe RageMP Client Compatibility

Custom launchers made with Game Launcher Creator are completely compatible with RageMP servers. You can even use Server Query Strings to display live server stats inside your custom server launchers. You can display videos, streaming videos and have cloud content, which means you can update content inside your game launcher, without ever having to update the launcher itself.

GLC V2 brings a whole new dimension in game launcher design and development and is available for you to download right now.

We have a dedicated Discord server which allows you to interact with our other RageMP users, who can help and guide you on how to use GLC V2. It’s an Active server and we also have dedicated support staff in there also.

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