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Game Launcher Creation – No More C#

Game Launcher Creation – No More C#

C# (C Sharp) has been the number one choice for developers to write their game launchers but writing a launcher app in C# is no longer a burden or the long-winded road a game or software developer has to go down.

C# Game Launchers

C# was developed by Microsoft in the early 2000s. It’s still a complex language but offers a slightly better advantage to new developers as the ease of programming in C# syntax is much more readable and easier to understand. C# is used by many companies, developers and even big game engines and authoring tools, like Unity.

Leading on from Unity, if a lot of games are developed in Unity then the developer will want to continue and develop their game launchers in C# also.

Freedom in coding

Having the freedom to code up a launcher is great. However, for those who do not

  • Have the required skillset to do so
  • Have the time to do it


Game Launcher Creator ScreenshotThis is where Game Launcher Creator (GLC) comes in.  GLC is a full desktop software application that allows anyone, from beginners to professionals to design their very own Game Launchers in real time. You can start new projects, load existing projects and save/share projects. Once you have designed and built your Game Launchers, you can then update them at any given time you want. With GLC it’s all easy and just because it’s easy, doesn’t mean it isn’t professional.

This software has been developed over a two year period and features an insane amount of professional features you would want to see in a Game Launcher. That’s why we developed it.

Professional Game Launcher Features

The sole aim of Game Launcher Creator wasn’t and isn’t just a case of “just build it and they will come”, we didn’t want to develop a software that just allowed you to create basic launchers. We wanted to develop a fully-featured software application that would allow you to create simple or complex game launchers. Along with the WYSIWYG editor, we also have several features that will make your game launchers stand out from the crowd. We’re talking Serverside POST Queries, dynamic cloud content (such as images) and so much more.

Dynamic Cloud Images allow you to store your launcher images on your server (or website) and change them at any time. This way, you don’t have to keep updating your game launcher executable. If you want the launcher image to change and everyone around the world to see that change, just change the image on your server. It couldn’t be more simple.

The future of Game Launchers

Game Launchers will never die. They serve a purpose. That purpose is usually a ‘Welcome Screen’ before the user launches your game. Maybe you have a Single Player and Multiplayer mode and you want the user to select which one they want. Maybe you want a little ‘News’ section to keep your players informed of news before they enter the game.

Whatever your aim is, a PC based game looks and feels a million times better with a Game Launcher and what better choice than to choose Game Launcher Creator. Did we mention it also features a game updater, built in? Click here to check out all the features.

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