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Discord Support and Tutorials

Discord Support and Tutorials

First of all, I would like to thank each and every one of you for being a ByteBox Media customer.

Your feedback and cooperation with our software products give us everything we need to continuously improve the products and services and iron out any bugs.

We are half way through an exciting year and there are many developments we have been working on. But first, we need to address a few things in our order of business.

This is not aimed at any individual specifically. This is a blanket announcement.

Discord Support

We would like everybody to please acknowledge that the Discord server support is optional. Most software companies don’t have a “live chat” or Discord server. 99% of software companies have websites with documentation, videos and maybe a forum/ticket system.

Most software companies also only deal with support via a ticket system or email which usually takes 24-48 hours for a response. We provide almost immediate support via our Discord.

We have gone a step further since we began and formed a Discord server which is full of all our users and the devs/moderators.

We like Discord because it gives us an opportunity to meet our users and it gives you (our users) an opportunity to get support, ask questions and get to know the staff. However, it has been brought to our attention lately that the moderators (who work voluntarily) are getting inundated with the same questions and queries that have either 1) already been answered in Discord or 2) users are just not reading the tutorials/documentation which already answers the question.

Our moderators and support staff (who are working for free because they want to help) are starting to feel deflated with users just not wanting to read the documentation or watch the tutorials.

The documentation section on our website has been built by the developers and support teams with extensive documentation and lots of video tutorials showing how to achieve certain things with GLCV2, step-by-step.

We are asking you (the customer) to please visit our documentation section here – before asking in our Discord server. Alternatively, you can search the Discord server for certain key phrases to see if these have been answered.

We only want to stress this because Discord is important for us and you. Support staff are more than happy to provide support for actual issues that are tricky. The same questions or refusal to read documentation ends up wasting valuable time.

With over 4000 users, I’m pretty sure you can understand how frustrating it is for our support team and moderators (who do this for nothing) to have to keep repeating the same answers over and over again.

All users can access our documentation system and there’s even a tutorials section inside our Discord server.

We do not want to have to close down the Discord server, but ultimately, this could happen if our support team and mods no longer find it a viable resource for providing support.

We are asking you to help us in this quest and we thank you once again for being a part of our community.

The Support Team and Moderators
Discord / ByteBox Media

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