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DayZ Standalone Custom Launcher

DayZ Standalone Custom Launcher

DayZ standalone custom launchers are hard to come by, but here at ByteBox Media we offer a solution that allows not only a Dayz sa launcher, but a completely custom Dayz launcher designer.

Custom Dayz Launcher

Got your own Dayz server? Need a standalone launcher to offer your players? Game Launcher Creator is a desktop software that allows you to design a custom Dayz standalone launcher without any programming at all. The professional features offered by Game Launcher Creator V2 allow you to completely design your own standalone game launcher that you can distribute to your players, ensuring they connect only to your DayZ server, keep up to date with server news, downloads and much, much more!

DayZ is a very popular online game and is played by thousands worldwide. There are a lot of custom servers out there and a lot of server owners take their gaming serious. So serious, that they even want to go as far as creating a custom launcher for their DayZ server and why not? It allows you to look even more professional, it allows you to communicate with your players and it retains players to only your servers, as they click the Launch button and head directly into your game server.

Complete WYSIWYG Editor

Game Launcher Creator V2 (GLC V2) boasts a very popular and easy What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editor, by simply dropping components into the live launcher editor, you can design it to look however you want. Take a look at this custom launcher made by New Horizons…

New Horizons Dayz Launcher

The NH team completely designed and developed this custom Dayz standalone launcher in under an hour using Game Launcher Creator V2. They took all their branding and have a series of buttons that allow the user to check for updates (and apply if any are available), they can link directly to their Discord server, they show a ‘recent news’ section on the left which they can update via html on their server and they have a launch button that takes the user directly to their server so they can start playing.

This is completely customizable and they can edit, modify, resize, remove or add new components any time they want.

This NH launcher also uses the built-in Advanced Online Patching System which allows the server admin to push out new updates, mods and client files to the players installation on their computer, making client-side mod downloads a very easy task…

DayZ Game Patch

The built-in AOPS system allows them to publish game updates, mod updates and other file updates to their server and the standalone launcher will then check the client files with the server files. If a file is missing, it will download and install it, if a file needs patching, or is corrupt, it will download the fresh file and patch it on their computer.

You can download GLC V2 today and get designing and creating your own custom standalone Dayz launcher right away with an instant download!

Not Just For Dayz

Game Launcher Creator V2 is not just a one-time software, you can use it forever and it’s compatible with many other games including games like Grand Theft Auto V (FiveM and RageM). If you’re a Game Developer, it will be compatible with your game developments too, whether you use Unity, Clickteam Fusion , Unreal, RPG Maker or any other software.

Game Launcher Creator is compatible with pretty much everything and anything, so long as their is an executable, a protocol (like FiveM fivem://) or a HTML, it will launch pretty much anything and everything. Your game launchers can be designed using our unique live editor, so how it looks when you design it, is exactly how it will look when built.

You can then build your standalone launcher and distribute it however you like, as a download in a zip file or as part of the game installation. The world is your oyster with Game Launcher Creator V2. There are many DayZ users online 24/7 in our Discord server so you can talk to other users of the software and even get live support from our staff.

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