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Custom Game Launcher

Custom Game Launcher

Creating a Custom Game Launcher is all about having complete freedom to design and develop a bespoke Windows launcher with no limits at all. Programming has always been to goto scenario, from creating a game launcher in C++ to C#, from Java to Python. But programming is no longer required with the Game Launcher Creator.

What is a Custom Game Launcher

The Noize Game Launcher TemplateSo, you have spent months maybe years design and developing your game. Whether it was in Unity, RPG Maker, Clickteam Fusion or Unreal Engine. You have completed the BETA tests and are now ready for an official launch. But now you are thinking, maybe I need a game launcher?

Game Launchers have been around since the mid-90s with the release of Windows and the new graphical user interface. A Game Launcher is the front-end to your game. Your users or players, can do things and get interactive with the game before even entering the main game.

Think of your game launcher as the gateway to your game. Rather than your players launching straight into your game, you can present them with game options, game updates and interactive content from your website. It keeps them engaged with you as the developer.

Launcher Components

A game launcher can be two types of application. It can be a simple ‘Launch Game’ window or it can be interactive, featuring other buttons such as ‘Go to Website’ or ‘Check for Updates’. This way, you can keep your players version of the game up-to-date and notify them of available updates.

Without a launcher, your players probably wouldn’t know there was an update unless you emailed them or they checked your website.

With an Epic Game Launcher for your game, they will see this notification, or you can set your launcher to automatically update for them, as they will have seen it before even starting your game.

A good game launcher should feature several components. A launch game button, an update button and at least a go to website button.

RClan GTA V Launcher

If your player is presented with these options before game launch, it gives them a small window to get interactive with you as a developer. They can click buttons that will take them to your website, update their client version and even see visuals such as hi-score leader boards or how many people are currently playing online.

Get Interactive

Cloud Images LauncherIn order to build an epic custom game launcher, you have to be able to provide your players with content. Content is king, whether it’s for online SEO or providing your players static or dynamic content for your games. With the Game Launcher Creator, making your custom game launchers content-rich is easy. You can insert website/web page components directly into your launchers, you can get PHP server queries and even display images from your web server.

Displaying a cloud image in your game launcher is a handy way to update your launchers image, without having to update your launcher. You simply update the image on your web server and all your players launchers will update automatically. This is a sure-fire way to keep your players engaged with your game.


What ever it is you desire to achieve with your own custom game launcher, Game Launcher Creator makes designing and developing your launcher easy. Actually, so easy, it requires no programming at all. You simply drag n drop everything into your custom sized window, setup the properties for each object and build your launcher. It really is as simple as that.

From online documentation to tutorial videos, getting up and running with the Game Launcher Creator is very straight forward and that’s why development teams choose GLC.

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