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Custom Counter-Strike Launchers in 2021

Custom Counter-Strike Launchers in 2021

We’ve all played the game and if you haven’t why not?

Counter-Strike since is still going strong in 2021. From it’s release date back in November 2000, it’s still one of the most played online multiplayer games in the world today and this is not just hear-say, we literally have the stats to prove it.

The Metrics are out

We’ve taken a look at a few websites and online systems which track usage of online multiplayer games, such as Counter-Strike, Valheim and Rust. Battlemetrics currently reports 31,329 servers online for Counter-Strike Global Offensive, 5,675 for Counter-Strike and 1,783 for Counter-Strike Source. Collectively that’s over 38,000 servers online.

Player-wise it currently stands at 42,621 players online as we look at it right now (as of writing, 18th March 2021). Now, to a Playstation 4 or Xbox player these numbers may not seem a lot, but what you have to factor in is, these players are playing on custom servers. Console players are typically playing on regulated and ruled console servers, so there’s no room for modding. On a PC this is an entirely different matter and many servers offer community servers with custom mods, downloads and gametypes.

CS GO Custom Launcher

Custom Counter-Strike Launchers

Game Launcher Creator V2 is completely compatible with all Counter-Strike versions whether Standalone or Steam which means you can design and create your own custom Counter-Strike launchers with GLC V2.

Having the ability to create your own custom launchers means you can create a more personalized experience for your community, clan and servers. You can create buttons that will link directly to your game servers, one or many.

You can also create custom buttons that will shoot your player straight into your Discord and Teamspeak3 servers.

Built-in Mod Updater

What better way to keep your players up to date than having clientside mods or additional downloads sent directly to your players? Game Launcher Creator V2 provides the functionality to keep all of your players up to date with the latest clientside mods for your CS servers including skins and weapon packs.

Your players don’t even need to do anything, you can force an automatic update yourself from your webserver. To perform updates for your users, you simply need a basic webserver, free or paid, it doesn’t matter.

GLC’s built-in game patching system enables you to check for updates when the launcher is run and automatically download and install the necessary files to your user’s computers. We have an abundance of tutorials available and live support in our Discord for all users.

Click here to see how you can design your own custom launchers for Counter-Strike, CS:GO and Source.

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