Creating Game Launchers in India

Game Launcher Creator V2 is a popular software product all over the world, and especially in India.

We have quite a large number of people who don’t necessarily speak or read English, but they still use the software because it’s very easy to use, as shown in this Game Launcher YouTube video by one of our users.

Spoken in Hindi

Just in case you were browsing our website and didn’t think too much of Google’s translate, this video showcases Game Launcher Creator V2 perfectly and we have a lot of Indian users who use our software and are active in our Discord server too.

Game Launcher Creator allows you to design and develop your own game launchers within minutes for any game or game development. Once you are happy with your design and features, you can then build your game launcher and distribute the executable to all your friends, family and players.

Your friends, family and players can then use the launcher to click buttons to launch games, buttons to launch websites or URLs and even read the latest news on your game, server or game development.

FiveM and RedM

A lot of users from India tend to play online games such as GTA V and Red Dead Redemption two and with the two unofficial mods released, FiveM and RedM allows players to play on custom servers with their friends and other players from around the world.

Quite a few of these FiveM custom servers are private clan/community servers so it is always good to have a custom launcher dedicated to your server. It allows your players to insta-connect to your server only and you can have links to clear caches, downloads clientside mods or additional files to play the game.

The opportunities are endless and designing your custom launcher with GLC V2 is the easiest thing in the world. You can simply use the WYSIWYG editor to drag and drop components into the real-time live editor, configure the settings and you’re done.

Patching and Updating

Included inside GLC V2 is a built-in updater and AOPS (advanced online patching system). Both systems allow you to create your own custom updating systems or a realtime patching system.

These are great for updating client side (local) installed files, especially if you are developing your own PC games or custom mods for games such as GTA or RDR2.

Check out the video above and take a listen to the review from one of our users who is speaking in Hindi and see if GLC V2, is for you.

Game Launcher Creator comes packed with exclusive features for you to design and build your own game launchers!


GTA V Custom FiveM Launcher

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