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Creating Unity Game Launcher in 2022

Creating Unity Game Launcher in 2022

As 2022 is upon us, so is the highest volume of Unity Developers ever seen. With record numbers of new and established game developers turning to Unity for their game and app development, the peak is rising and so is custom Unity game launcher requirements.

The purpose of a Custom Unity Launcher

Game and app developers worldwide spend an enormous amount of hours designing and coding up their developments with the Unity platform. Unity enables new and established game developers to code their games using their intuitive user interface and blocks of tools.

Due to Unity’s popularity worldwide, there is a plethora of addons available such as scripting tools and waypoint scripting, enabling developers to quickly prototype game engines without having to code entire blocks through trial and error. This is really appealing to both newcomers to the programming world and it even appeals greatly to the most seasoned veteran in C#. This is because having the ability to quickly drop in scripts to test means you know which direction to go in without having to spend hours coding up the prototypes.

Aim Gods Custom Game Launcher

After spending several month or even years, your game is ready to be published to the world. But hang on, what about updates? Deciding how to push out game updates can be a massive chore and certainly unwanted development time to hold back the release date of your game or app. This is where Game Launcher Creator V2 comes in. GLCV2 enables newcomers and even veteran programming teams to quickly design, test and publish a custom Unity game launcher within hours, if not, minutes.

Within the game launcher itself that you designed, you can also quickly setup a built-in update system which enables you to push game updates out to your players at the change of a version number. It really is that simple.

Pushing Game Updates through a Launcher

Your custom Unity launcher should be the first thing the player sees before launching into your game. This gives you a window of opportunity to present the user with links to your website, show the latest changelog, change game options and even update the game itself through the game launcher.

A typical game launcher coded in C# would take around 5-6 weeks development with testing, if you had to include a built-in file-by-file patching system, it would take around 5-6 months. With GLCV2, this process can be literally achieved in a single day as everything is already coded, you just choose to design the launcher with your own unique design, configure the settings and do some testing.

Once your launcher is complete and tested, it is just a case of distributing your Unity launcher with your Unity made game.

DayZ Game Patch

We highly recommend for your initial game installer, you set the launcher to your main shortcut, so the player runs the launcher before even running the game.

This way it gives you an opportunity to let the player know there is an update available or you can simply force an update if that’s what you want to do.

The game launcher features are endless and GLCV2 is the perfect tool to provide a flawless, code-free game launcher maker with a lifetime developer license to boot.

Create your own launchers

The best caveat to all of this is, when download GLCV2, you can use it for your own developments or you can use it for any individual game released by any other publisher or developer. For example, if you are a part of a multiplayer community, you can develop your own custom launchers specifically for your community. There are no limits to how many launchers you can create.

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