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Copyright Disclaimer

Copyright Disclaimer

ByteBox Media Copyrights

The Game Launcher Creator V2 (also known as GLCV2) editor software and launcher runtime are copyright © 2022 to ByteBox Media.

This disclaimer is an addendum to our Terms and Conditions and our End-User License Agreement located on the installer of our software.

All material that is included within the software installer is Copyright © 2022 ByteBox Media. Including, but not limited to, all templates, the launcher runtime source code, the launcher runtime binaries, the GLCV2 editor application, the contents of all files installed, unless otherwise stated.

You may not use our logo(s) in any form, digital or print without our express permission. You can not modify the launcher runtime binary outside of the GLCV2 editor. If you wish to speak to us, please contact us.

Third-Party Disclaimer

GLCV2 does NOT ship with any copyrighted material unless specified, which you can find in the About section of our software product. Some parts and graphics are copyright to other entities, to which permission has been obtained.

We do not ship or host any content that doesn’t belong to us, or we don’t have permission to use. We do not ship any content in relation to any game, such as GTA, Rust, CSGO or any other game. We do not provide users with any content that is copyright to another entity without prior written permission and they are accredited in the Help > About section of our software.

If you need to file a DMCA request, please contact our legal department at

Under GDPR, you have the right to access your data stored on our website and server. You also have the right to removal. Please see our Privacy Policy for further information.

Minecraft Disclaimer

We, ByteBox Media nor our product (Game Launcher Creator V2/GLCV2) do not have any affiliation with Mojang or Microsoft. We are not endorsed by Mojang nor Microsoft. We do not have any connections nor links to Mojang nor Microsoft.

GLCV2 does not contain any copyrighted Minecraft material. The base installer and the software editor contains no images, videos, graphics or any other elements copyright to Minecraft, Mojang or Microsoft. Users import their own artworks and distribute their own launchers for personal use.

GTA V Disclaimer

We, ByteBox Media nor our product (Game Launcher Creator V2/GLCV2) do not have any affiliation with Rockstar, Rockstar North nor Take-Two Interactive. We also have no affiliation with any modifications of the GTA V engine. Our software does not include any modifications to the GTA V engine and we do not endorse illegal modification.

We also do not have any affiliation with any third party developers who perform any illegal modification, such as FiveM, AltV or RageMP.

Our installer and software editor does not come with any third party copyright material. We do not feature any copyrighted material inside our software and we have no files that contain copyright infringement.

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