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Connecting to FiveM Server in 2021

Connecting to FiveM Server in 2021

The developers over at CitizenFX have made quite a few changes and modifications in the last year to their FiveM modification for Grand Theft Auto V. It’s still just as easy to direct connect to a custom FiveM server as ever before.

Connecting to a GTA V FiveM server really is as simple as coding in the protocol


This will trigger the FiveM application on your PC or Laptop to run taking the command line /connect/ip:port with it. You simply replace the ip:port variables with your server IP and port number.

Creating a Connect Button in Game Launcher Creator

Our flagship software Game Launcher Creator V2 allows you to design and develop your own custom server launchers for games and mods like FiveM for GTA V. Inserting a connect button is really simple and easy to do with GLC V2, you simply insert a button into your custom launcher, like so…

FiveM Direct Server Connect Button

Once you’ve inserted your button graphic (or selected one from the library) you simply open up the button properties, select GTA Server Launch then type in the FiveM protocol into the Action Parameters box. Click Apply and you are all done!

It’s as simple as that to design and develop a FiveM launcher with GLC V2. It’s why our software is the number one choice for FiveM users designing their own server launchers.

You can do so much more than just a direct server connect to a FiveM server with GLC, you can also use real-time GTA server stats inside your launcher, design it how you want it to look, have Discord buttons and so much more!

To see what else GLC V2 can do for you, click here.

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