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Antivirus Products and Launcher Warnings

Antivirus Products and Launcher Warnings

Antivirus companies have been both the saviour and bane of our lives since the late 90’s. Some users saw an opportunity to hide malicious code within their binaries that could infect users computers without them even knowing.

Antivirus companies were born to tackle these threats. These were the Ghostbusters to our computers and laptops, scanning files looking for hash’s and signatures left behind by these malicious blocks of code. However, sometimes, they also get it wrong, sometimes very wrong.

If GLC Editor or your Launcher has been identified as a virus/trojan/keylogger, don’t panic. This is just a false positive. Read further down to see how to fix!

The Signatures

When we develop a product like Game Launcher Creator V2, the executables contain the binary code. These executables are what you run to develop your game launchers within GLC V2. However, we also include inside our executables Dynamic Link Libraries. These are DLL files that make some of the cogs turn inside our GLC V2 runtime. Some of these DLL files are third party, so we have no control over their binaries, as they are compiled binaries (cannot be modified).

Sometimes, if another development company or another developer (or a bad guy) uses the same libraries we use, Antivirus software will flag these DLL files and because our software uses the same blocks of code, sometimes, they will falsely flag our software and the launchers too because compiled within the GLC Editor and your launchers are the DLL files required to run some routines.

Beyond Our Control

Unfortunately, when GLC gets flagged, or the launcher runtimes get flagged – it is beyond our control. We do not work or affiliate with Antivirus companies so we have no control over what they flag. However, we can tell these companies “Hey, you flagged our software falsely” and 99% of the time, they will de-flag it. However, it can take time for these warnings to disappear because everybody updates their Antirvirus software definitions at different intervals.

The best we (and you) can do is submit these as false positives. Each Antivirus software has a special department you can submit executables and software to, they will analyse the files and realise it’s not actually harmful at all. Their software relies on automated algorithms and as we know, computers can sometimes get it wrong. Unfortunately in this day and age and with so many different blocks of code and algorithms flying around, there’s a bigger window for error.

Submit as a False Positive

If your GLC Editor isn’t working, you need to check your antivirus software. Look at the logs and look at the quarantine. If you see GLC-Editor.exe, you need to ‘Permit’ or ‘Allow’ this and GLC Editor will function properly.

If you build your launcher and your data folder is there but there is no launcher executable, this means your launcher has been quarantined. Same goes for your users who you distribute your launchers to. If they have this issue, they too need to go into their AV software and ‘Permit’ or ‘Allow’ the launcher.

But this isn’t everything, if you also have any of these issues, you (and your users) need to submit the launcher executable file to the Antivirus in question as a false positive. This helps speed up getting the launcher runtime de-flagged.

We currently have over 2,000 users that have used Game Launcher Creator V2 for nearly 3 years. Rest assured what a false positive is and if you don’t believe us, simply submit the files in question directly to the Antivirus software and they will quickly tell you it was a false positive.

Here is a list of the popular Antivirus software links to submit as a false positive to. If yours is not in the list, please Google “[Antivirus Name] Submit False Positive” and submit it to their website.






Microsoft Defender:

Total AV:


BullGuard: To report a false positive detection, archive the detected file using “infected” as password and send it to along with a screenshot of the detection.

Code Sign Your Game Launchers

If you have the budget, you can code-sign your Game Launcher executables. You can pick up cheap code signing certificates from Sectigo online with a quick Google. Code Signing your launcher executables will provide almost instant recovery from AV companies and will show your users that you have a reputation to maintain.

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