Main Properties

Main Launcher Properties

When you make any changes to your game launcher properties, you must click Apply for those changes to take effect.

Main Game Launcher PropertiesThe Game Launcher properties window features all the main properties for your game launcher.

Window Title

This specifies the Window Title to be used by the executable (this is displayed in the taskbar and the task manager).

Min/Close Buttons

Specifies whether to show minimize and close buttons on your game launcher (you can also select the color).

Window Size

Specifies the dimensions of the Launcher Window (Width x Height).

Background Image/Colour

Specifies whether to use a background color or a background image. Background image will be stretched/sampled to the Window dimensions.
Color Options Gradient/No Gradient
Image Options Select a File

It’s better to design your background image to the exact dimensions your window will be to prevent stretching.

Background Music

Select a WAV or MP3 file to play as background music. This will start immediately upon the launcher being executed (even through loading). Additional options for this is for it to be looped. If not set to looped, will play once then stop.

Launcher Splash

Include a Splash Screen for your Game Launcher. This will show up on the first loading screen. Dimensions are to be exactly 640×240.

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