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Launcher Preview Window

Launcher Preview Window

The main launcher preview window enables you to live edit your game launcher window. It allows you to drop new objects into the launcher window and drag them around to place them.

Game Launcher Preview

Selecting Objects

Selecting objects inside the Launcher window can be achieved with the left-mouse button. You can also ‘drag’ or ‘move’ them around the window by keeping hold of the left-mouse button and dragging. You can deselect any object (or all objects) by right-clicking any where.

Pixel Perfect Movement

You can ‘nudge’ objects into pixel perfect positions by selecting an object (left-mouse button) then using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Each arrow key press will move it in that direction (up, down, left, right) by 1 pixel.

Deselecting Objects

You can deselect an object (or all of them) by right-clicking with the mouse anywhere inside the launcher window.

The Preview Window

The preview window will be stretched to the dimensions specified inside the Launcher Properties dialog. This is a movable window, which you can drag and move around the workspace area freely. This is a handy feature for those on smaller resolutions (or monitors) and wish to be able to work with both the launcher preview and the properties dialogs.

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