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Icon Compiler – Complete

The latest completed development for the GLCV2 DLC addon is the Icon Compiler. You can now compile your own icons for your launchers directly from the GLCV2 editor interface.

Why is an Icon Compiler needed?

An Icon Compiler was very necessary to implement into GLCV2 as users like to customize the icons for their game launchers.

Modifying the launcher executable has always been against our End User License Agreement (EULA) and this is for good reason. Modifying the binary AFTER compilation can result in checksum mismatches, which then alerts Antivirus software because they can tell the compiled binary has been modified outside of the environment.

We didn’t mind people doing this at first, it wasn’t an issue, but eventually it started getting the launcher runtime flagged falsely as a ‘Virus’ because the Antivirus software realised the binary had been modified.

So we had to officially ban icon changing outside of GLCV2. It was the best thing to do anyway, even for the user’s sake, as it would just end up getting your launcher flagged as a false virus.

The implementation of the compiler

In order to allow users to change their icons, we had to implement a rigid and strict protocol for compiling the launcher executable (runtime). Tools like ResHack just don’t re-compile the executable adequately enough to reform an orderly, compiled binary (executable).

Here at ByteBox Media, Stephen was the dab-hand in creating the necessary compiler to allow this to happen for GLCV2. Stephen quickly got to work on this and has pulled through with an amazing bit of coding to get this job done.

The Icon Compiler is now available as part of the GLCV2 DLC Addon and is 100% complete. I will update this post in due course with screenshots showing off this feature inside GLCV2.

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