GLCV2 DLC Addon Development

New and exciting features are coming to GLCV2 and you can be an early part of it.

Simply pick a tier and pledge an amount and you will be rewarded with the bonuses listed for that particular tier. Early adopters who pledge towards to the development of this DLC will reap much bigger rewards than those upon release.

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This is the most important and primary feature to integrate. It is a complete, standalone webkit using Chromium at the core. This enables a brand new, feature-rich WebView object to be integrated into your launchers so you can display beautiful looking websites and webpages using the latest technologies including HTML5/CSS3.


We intend to develop and implement many useful scripts and tools inside both the GLC editor and the launchers to enable you to do more stuff with your FiveM setups.


We will code in a full binary, icon compiler.

You will be able to change your own executable icon from within the GLC V2 editor itself and change it at any time.

This will be a proper binary compile, ensuring your icon is properly compiled into your launcher.


There has been a big demand for some form of image carousel object so you can create slideshows and much more. We would be able to develop a new ‘slideshow object’ which would enable you to insert an unlimited amount of images to create a ‘slideshow’ or ‘image carousel’ with clickable links, captions and even video support.


Special button actions to perform downloading of particular files from a webserver.

You could link directly to any file online be it an executable, installer or a zip file.

This can then be executed after download with options to close the launcher also.


A nice audio feature for buttons which will allow you to include your own custom audio sounds for actions such as Hover and Click of a button.

We will also implement a ‘tooltip’ system where you can display custom tooltip texts for buttons.


We will be opening up the built-in update system for more customization options such as background image, custom progress bar colours and much more.


Finger Cursor icons for when the user is hovering over a button, when the user hovers the mouse over a button, it will change the cursor.


We will develop some new options and customization for query strings, including the ability to display an image instead of text, based on the query response.


We will develop a feature for Minecraft developers to have the ability to design and craft their own custom login screen.

You will be able to use a drag ‘n drop editor to design the window and choose which boxes/buttons to show including custom designs.


Give your users the ability to choose from a set of options to launch a game. This can include a custom window with images and a button with a dropdown list.

You can execute the same or different exe’s with command line arguments too.


Integrate your GPC Patcher directly into your GLCV2 game launchers. With this feature, you can design your launcher with GLCV2 and your patcher with GPC, you can then call your patcher instead of AOPS and you can display the real-time patch progress directly inside your launcher.


This list is not exhaustive, we will be adding new features as we go along in development.

Stay tuned!


This list is not exhaustive, we will be adding new features as we go along in development.

Stay tuned!


This list is not exhaustive, we will be adding new features as we go along in development.

Stay tuned!

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How will it work?

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GLC V2 Logo Mani

When released…

This DLC Addon will contain all the features listed above and many more to come as we continually develop it. The DLC addon will vastly improve your GLCV2 experience bringing new and exciting features for you to access for both the editor and your launchers.

When the DLC is released, it will be available on monthly or yearly subscription. This can be cancelled/resumed at any time.

This will be an optional DLC addon for all users.

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Why pledge early?

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For great rewards and faster development…

By pledging early to the development of this DLC Addon, you can reap serious MEGA rewards. Your donations/pledges will help speed up the development of these features.

Most of our tiers offer free use for six months after release (a huge saving) and many other rewards, each tier is listed below with all the benefits.

BETA Supporter upwards means you will get in on the action as early as the next few weeks as you will be able to test and use all the features as they get developed!

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As an Early Adopter, you will be helping towards the development of the DLC Addon and will receive the Full GLCV2 DLC Addon free to use for six months.

All Early Adopter rewads plus

Access and entry into the downloadable BETA version as soon as it’s available. You will be a part of the BETA team able to test all the features as they are developed.

ALL of the previous rewards PLUS exclusive access into our Backstage Channel (VIP Area) on our Discord server. You will also receive a full, lifetime Developer license version of our Game Patch Creator software. This license will be for lifetime, no subscriptions. Needs to be redeemed by 30th October 2021.

ALL Previous tier rewards PLUS a huge advertisement on our website (on every page excluding special landing pages) PLUS a bundle of exclusive never-before-seen items such as a ByteBox Media t-shirt, mouse mat and a SUPER exclusive DVD copy of Game Launcher Creator V2, PLUS early access to ALL current and future updates before they are released.

ALL of the previous rewards PLUS a copy of our next software development for free. Whatever the software is!

You will be forever engraved into our hearts as a number one fan of our work and development and you will be treated like royalty.

If you would like to donate a custom amount, please use this button. We don’t have any specific rewards, but we WILL reward you accordingly, closest to the tier amount you donate. We appreciate ALL donations so we will try our utmost best to place you in the best reward system 🙂

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