Game Launcher Creator V2 - Version Comparison

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Game Launcher Creator V2 - Feature Comparison

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Game Launcher Creator V2 - Object Comparison

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Game Launcher Creator V1 - V2 Differences

Coming from Version 1 (1.0 – 1.6.5), V2 is a complete rewrite and redesign.Built from the ground up, there are quite a few differences between V1 and V2.

Here are some notable ones.

Resize Objects in Real-Time – You can now resize objects in real-time in the live editor window. You can also still manage their sizes from the property window.

Custom Workspace – Instead of the two panes and an editor window, everything is now floating, so you can move dialogs wherever you want. A complete custom workspace.

Lock Objects – You can now lock/unlock objects in the editor window so you don’t have to accidentally click on them.

Disable Video Previews – You can now disable video previews in realtime. This can slow down the editing process, so this option is there for low-end computers.

Interactive Object Inspector – You can now interact with objects via the object inspector. Useful if you have two overlapping and can’t seem to get the correct one.

More Modern Updater – Instead of the old V1 update interface, it’s now more modern taking on a modern, slick look.

New Library – You can now insert pre-designed buttons, images and videos from the built-in Library. You can also import your own for future use.

Faster Performance – Both the Editor and your launchers are highly optimized to run at blazing speeds. Much more optimization applied.